CSS Upgrade – now what – how to edit post format (tags, other info)

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    Okay,I’ve purchased the CSS Upgrade but don’t see where I can edit the format of my posts — to “remove” the post information (such as author, tags, comments off, etc.). I when to Design and see Edit CSS but that has “dummy” information in it. I have viewed the Style Sheet and see all the formatting, but don’t see the HTML to edit the post header information (author, tags, comments). Where can I edit this now that I have upgraded to CSS?

    To see what I mean, go to my blog: http://heatherporto.wordpress.com and notice the first and only post I have right now. I really like the format of this template but can’t figure out how to get rid of the information other than the post date and title of post.



    You can’t edit any of the HTML, just the CSS.

    So if you want to make it invisible, you can use display:none and visibility:hidden CSS styles on the elements to hide them.



    I’m not sure what you mean by ‘dummy’ information? When you’re on the CSS editor page, you can add your CSS to the editing window. Probably you just want to make a few overrides, so make sure you have the ‘Add to existing stylesheet’ option checked. Then preview or save your changes.

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