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Css upgrade, Over the counter theme

  1. I have read that Asides are posssible with sandbox. If I got a css upgrade, how could i get the code for theme with asides?
    Also I have no knowledge of css and doubt I could master it.
    So I would want 3 columns, one for posts, one for asides, and for a sidebar.
    Thanx if you can help.
    And I am very low budget...

  2. If you doubt you could master CSS, then I don't think you should go for it. As far as I understand Asides, it's not trivial.

    You cannot just apply a theme you got elsewhere. There are a lot of themes, though, that have been adapted for Sandbox: there was a contest earlier this year. YOu can try a forum search, or there might be some on

  3. Thanx raincoaster,
    It will take me time to find them and/or a solution, I'll continue looking tomorrow. Onecoolsite had nothing on asides when I searched. Although it is a useful site.

  4. It won't have anything on asides, but it might have something on themes adapted for Sandbox. There was a contest a few months back and lots of good options. There's a thread here in the forums on teh Sandbox contest, but good luck finding it!

  5. Here's Andy's post on Asides. He's staff, he knows what he's doing. I don't even know what he's talking about:

  6. Yes I was looking at that thread about 12 hours ago. I also could never understand it.

    I just want to copy and paste the entire theme into the sandbox, one that has asides.

    I have yet to find the results of the competition.

    Will try again in a few hours when i have the time.


    To see the results of the sandbox competition, none of them have asides (as far as I can see).

  8. morris108,

    Thanks for the pointer to that! I may need to take a look at Sandbox now...

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