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    I am using the CSS Upgrade and am adding it to the Coraline Theme.

    Today, one of my users commented that my Blog was not showing the modified theme – but the usual Coraline theme. Everything looked fine for me and my other users. Shutting down the browser and restarting didn’t help (although I must admit I didn’t ask them to “do the usual trick”).

    As an experiment I removed a big chunk of my CSS and they reported that things were back to normal.

    After this, I viewed one of my blog pages and it was briefly displayed with the usual Coraline theme, but them automatically re-dipsplayed with the modified theme.

    All users are running Firefox (myself included).

    Any ideas?

    The blog I need help with is brickiesgazette.wordpress.com.


    You know, there have been some instances lately where CSS changes were not showing up for some people and in some cases what was discovered was that for whatever reason, something either at the visitor’s ISP, or something between them and wordpress was blocking the CSS files.

    Have them visit these three links and what they should see on each is a bunch of CSS. If they get any errors trying to view one, then the issue might be at their ISP.



    Thanks tsp.

    Perhaps the fact that the visitor’s view was restored after I modified the CSS is a clue?

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