CSS Upgrade to create theme?

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    Is there any way that if I buy the CSS upgrade I can use it to edit a theme or create a theme and not have the “This is the _____ theme from __________” At the bottom of the page? Just wanted to know before I bought it.



    Your question is actually “Can I edit footers using the CSS Custom upgrade.”

    I do not think that you can edit footers on WordPress.com…but I could be wrong.

    Maybe it is theme dependent?



    If you’re really sneaky about it I think you can change the colour of it to match the background. I’m not sure if the footer is able to be edited at wordpress.com, actually. You can at wordpress.org. xandervincent, you need to provide the link to your blog so we can answer your questions correctly.



    Well, you can change any theme how every you’d like it to be with css. But, if you want to make a theme, or use different ones, you’ll have to get “self hosted” witch you can find at wordpress.org

    If you get self hosted, and make a theme, you can change it so it doesn’t say “this is the ____ theme from _______”

    Hope that helped ;-)



    T is considered bad etiquette to remove the footer information that gives credit to the theme designer.



    You cannot apply bought themes to WordPress.COM anyway, so you’d be wasting your money to pay for it in the first place.



    how can i upload my page that created with frontpage on my wardpess page?



    You cannot add a Frontpage page to a blog on WordPress.com.



    You can’t upload a page to use as your homepage, but if you go in your settings, and click “reading settings” and then click “a static page”, you can use that, and make a post that you’ve made to be your homepage. All that does is make that the page that all your viewers get re-directed when they come to your site.

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