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CSS upgrades

  1. Hi.. I have a question on the 15-credit CSS upgrades..

    I understand that within one wordpress account, one can have numerous blogs.. So if I purchase that CSS upgrade, will it affect all the blogs in the account or only one?


  2. It only affects the one blog.

  3. oh.. that's sad.. T_T. thanks~

  4. Well, you can purchase it for each of your blogs if you want.

  5. Well.. I'd love to.. But well.. USD$15 is actually a lot, where i'm coming from..

  6. I hear ya: I can't afford it for even one of my blogs. Note also that it's only good for one year.

  7. Sad ain't it? Thanks guys.. Helped a lot =)

  8. Not sad at all: CSS tweaking is a luxury. If you're all about the look of blogs rather than the content, you can always download the software and become a designer, but boy, you'd better have the skillz.

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