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CSS - Where do I start?

  1. I'm just wondering where is the best place to start for learning CSS to use with my blog?

  2. Ummm ... You start by reading the sticky posts at the head of the css customization forum like this one titled "Please read me first"
    and this one
    and this one

  3. Thanks, I'll check them out right away!

  4. That would be cool.

  5. What about if you just want to apply the styles (specifically image styles) already defined by the existing CSS in a WordPress theme? Even when I try to apply those, they are stripped out by the editor.

  6. You need to buy the CSS upgrade to make any CSS changes. Until you do that, you can't make any changes. What exactly are you trying to do? I might know a non-CSS workaround.

  7. raincoaster, I'm actually not trying to change the CSS. I'm just interested in applying the class selectors in the linked stylesheet used by the theme I'm using (Cutline). Specifically, I'd like to be able to wrap the text of my post to the right or left of any photo I post, but if I try to use the class selector, the text editor strips them out when I save.

  8. /nod to raincoaster

    BTW there are instructions specific to Cutline and images that you may want to consult

  9. Thanks for those links! (raincoaster-And here I thought I'd read the entire FAQ about images! /sound of hand smacking forehead!)

    timethief, that is just what I was trying to do using the existing style sheet.But does having my blog hosted on make any difference in my ability to apply these classes? As I said above, when I tried to use them in the code editor, when I saved, it appeared to strip out the CSS class.

    Update: Color me happy! Works like a charm. :) Thanks for pointing me to the info.

  10. YAY! A happy ending :)

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