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Cultural controversies.... and some books.

  1. That's what it's all about. Cultural diversity, economics, politics, and the occasional book review or list.

    This week:
    Tariq Ramadan at Cooper Union, Tea Party Photo Montage, and Being a Broadway Critic.

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  2. Witnessed a Tea Party protest today. Oh. Boy.

  3. The Tea Partier discussion is heating up. Soon, expect a post on my night being a Broadway critic.

  4. Should the 19th Amendment be overturned? Should women no longer be allowed to vote?

  5. Nice, I'll go ahead and check out your blogs, and I also witnessed the Tea Party protest when they came here.

  6. Six days letter and it's a compelling, a bit more personal post. How about it?

  7. Have you heard what is happening to immigrants in a certain state? It mirrors a bit of the Holocaust.

  8. Someone just brought up a great point. Arizona was also the LAST state to vote MLK Day as a holiday. Who turned it down? One of our Presidential candidates from 2008:

  9. It's a sunday, and although it is beautiful outside, who has anything to say about Arizona's recently passed bill regarding immigrants? It's racist, you MUST have something to say about it!

    This Week:

    Oklahoma's new abortion laws.

  10. Questions for everyone -
    - How can a man put himself in the position of a woman with an unwanted pregnancy?
    - Why don't men stay out of the discussion unless they support a woman right to her own body?
    - Why don't people who are pro-life, support raising taxes for schools, good housing & health care for children?
    - How would guys like woman who support cash only for prostate treatment procedures?
    Please add more questions.

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