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Cure for Hawt Post Fatigue Syndrome (HPFS)

  1. Hi. I know I am very lucky to have available as a free service but I want to go on record as saying I'm really (really) "over" seeing what amounts to a CNN advertisement every time I log into these days. I'm sure Paul R La Monica is a fine individual and an entertaining "Media Biz" writer but I don't wanna see him or links to his articles and since I don't see a nice way to opt out of seeing the day's Hawt Post, here's a file you can import into the Firefox RIP extension to remove the Hawt Post section from your personal rendering of the login page: / shared / ndhtcpu5o3 I believe this will also protect you from any future I CAN HAS CHEEZBURGER outbreaks.

  2. Or you could stop visiting the front page and just go to your blog/dashboard directly.

  3. On the -> Write -> Post page scroll down to the bottom and look for this:
    WordPress Bookmarklet
    Right click on the following link and choose “Bookmark This Link...” or “Add to Favorites...” to create a posting shortcut.
    Once you have created this bookmarklet shortcut you will never have to see that sign-in page again, if that's your choice.

  4. Thanks guys, good suggestions.

  5. Happy blogging. :)

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