Curious About What Is and Isn't Considered an Ad

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    I’m curious about what is considered an ad. I don’t intend to run any ads on my site like Google AdSense or anything like that (my theme isn’t even suited for placing any graphic art). On the other hand, I help others set up their logs and this question has come up more than once.

    I’ve seen many blogs that have “ads” in their sidebars. Sometimes they’re “sponsor” links, or links to companies the blogger likes. Sometimes it’s for the business the blogger has (perhaps they’re an architect and use WordPress as a stand-alone blog and have a graphic link to the architecture firm).

    What, exactly, is an ad? I’d hate to set something up innocently and then be slapped with a violation…
    Blog url:

    The blog I need help with is



    s/b “…I help others set up their blogs…”

    My URL is listed, however I don’t want any [ads] on mine.



    Sponsor links are ads. If, say, I teach people how to use WordPress but I make them all put my avatar and a link to my website in their sidebar as part of the workshop, that’s an ad even though they don’t get any money for it.


    OK, I think I get it. So the architecture firm wouldn’t violate anything by putting a graphic link to their firm. Or the photographer that has a link back to her main website…?

    Just need to be clear and not create an issue down the road.



    That’s right. If it is them promoting themselves, that’s fine. If it is an employee putting a link to the company’s main site on his PERSONAL blog because his boss told him to or else, that would probably be a problem. But on a company blog, not an issue.

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