Current Category of a post that belongs to several categories

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    I’m new to the forum, I have little time with WordPress but I think its a very useful and smart tool.

    I have the following problem, see if you can help me! :)…

    I need to retrieve the current category of a post being displayed, but considering that this post belongs to several categories.

    I’ve seen this post in a forum:

    But the solution doesn’t solves my problem cause it retrieves all of the associated categories.

    I’ve also analyzed the “jbreadcrumb-aink” and “breadcrumb-navigation-xt” plugins, but the first one it always retrieves the first category back from the “get_the_category” function, and the second one it retrives all of the post associated categories, not the one I’m looking for.

    I began to study the solution basis on this post:

    Can you please help me? :).


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