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Current Issue: 503 Service Unavailable?

  1. What's up, anyone know? I can't save changes. Is there maintenance going on?

  2. Just got that myself. Dunno what it is, but the site has been slow today, and I'm having to post every image and make every paste twice.

  3. interstellaradventure

    I'm having this issue too. Any updates from anyone in the know?

  4. Might be. I've had a couple timeouts on the site but I've not noted anything on the sites. I haven't seen any reports on any of the system admin mailing lists that I receive so there's no outages that I know of.

    And all three of you are coming from different parts of North America...

  5. Well, it's happening again to me, too, and when I go back, all my formatting is gone.

  6. This cause the wp's server is being over loaded. i can not post, now.

    I think that wp should upgrade server. :-)

  7. Had this 503 also several times just minutes ago, when i was trying to save a edited post.

  8. You may also be hitting it when they do their hourly backups.

    Not trying to find excuses but last time had overload problems on a semi regular basis, this forum had something like 5 threads going on the subject and folks were b*cough*ing like crazy. :)

  9. hehe, i remember, it was in spring.
    But hey, it's not a problem yet, just wanted to mention it. As long as the the site is loading fine for the visitors.

  10. The thing I'm wondering about is I just did an import of posts for someone with the XML importer and there was no issue.

  11. Backup done ;)

  12. @drmike
    it's been ongoing for about 25 minutes now - back-up recommended

  13. Feedback sent and raising it to a Current Issue.

  14. Situation resolved

  15. vemmamangosteen

    Can someone help me with my main page? I remember I delete something and I think that's what messed everything up.

  16. vemmamangosteen, you need to write a post to get it to show up. Looks like you deleted any that were there.

  17. Email from Berry says the issue has been resolved. If you're sitting getting the 503's please send in a feedback so they can look into the matter.


  18. Done; the issue's not resolved. And someone's shut comments off on my latest post? T'werent me.

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