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Current Issue: 503 Service Unavailable

  1. I am unable to connect to my blogs and send in a feedback although I am connected to the forum. This is the error message.

    503 Service Unavailable


    We just got a “503 error”. Please try refreshing the page and if the error is still there drop us a note and let us know.

    P.S. I repeatedly refreshed the page and force cleared my browser repeatedly too.

  2. all the blogs are down... some redirect problem it seems

    "The page isn't redirecting properly

    Firefox has detected that the server is redirecting the request for this address in a way that will never complete."

  3. Oh, I guess I'm not the only one then...

  4. The url in the redirects is, having same problem as others.

  5. I can log in but I can not get the admin panel of any of my blogs. So, this is affecting everyone.

  6. Let's remain calm. I've sent staff an email with a link back to this thread. One should be enough please don't flood them with more.

  7. Made current issue sticky.

  8. Me toooooo....ouch, what a pain....maybe an administrator will post to let us know something about this? Hopefully?

  9. ...And Mark made one at the same time.

    Maybe I should have fixed up my ex with Mark. Looks like he can read minds. :)

  10. Hope it's fixed soon. I still have plenty more to post.

  11. Read the other sticky please.

    [Link added - drmike]

  12. marketingdeguerrilha

    Hehehe Welcome to the club folks.
    Let´s just hope everything gets back to normal.

  13. Please get it up soon...

  14. Thanks for the advice. Sent a note before I had a chance to read this. How about a link to the forum on the front page of WordPress, not just from the dashboards?

  15. There is a link there. Upper right when it comes back up, right to the right of the logo. :)

  16. Oh! ;) Thanks.

  17. Not a problem. It actually used to not be there unless you were logged in but they changed it a month ago.

  18. The sites are back up for me.

    Anyone else?

  19. I have two blogs and both now work: and The dashboard for the first one works, but not the second one -- a "please wait for 20 minutes" maintenance message there.

  20. Up and running. :)

  21. Removing the sticky but leaving Mark's.

  22. As before, but now the "ninglun" blog dashboard says "Sorry, we have had to extend the maintenance. Your dashboard is going to be unavailable for 2 hours." The other dashboard works and of course all the posts for the first blog are there but nothing can be done to them. The second blog (which is much newer) works fine. Both blogs are up for readers. Are the two blogs on different servers?

  23. We have lots of servers.

    When the sticky at the top of the main forum is removed then everything can be expected to be normal.

  24. marketingdeguerrilha

    Same message here " 2 hours extended time"

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