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Current Issue: Akismet count issue

  1. I don't know if it's a real problem or what. Akismet shows that it's caught 30 spam comments. The problem is that it's been saying that even though it's been like 10 or 15 more than 30. Is this a problem on the wordpress side of things?

  2. Are you sure the 30 isn't the total all time count?

  3. my akismet spam count has been lagging for a while now.

    it'll be 'stuck' at a number for a couple of days, even though there's new spam. deleting the spam doesn't update the count, it just updates itself after a few days.

  4. I have the same experience here. I Akismet tells me I have 10 Spam messages when I really have 30.

  5. Can someone please verify the question that I asked? ;)

    Be happy to bump up to current issue status and drop staff a note but I would like to tell them specifics when I do so. :)

  6. i can't verify the O.P., but i can say that my all-time count is the one that lags. (1700-some, or whatever it is at the moment).

  7. drmike --

    It is not the all-time count. It is the count during the day that varies. I have over 16,000 Spam caught. Akismet tells me I have 9 waiting when I really have 12 or 3 waiting when I really have 7 or 49 when I really have 75.

    I reported this last night via Feedback and Barry and discussed it at length.

    It isn't a huge deal because you always DELETE ALL anyway, but this is something new that popped up recently so we're reporting it to be on the safe side in case it suggests something more severe in the future.

  8. Thanks.

    Tagged, stickied, and smoke signals sent. :)

  9. Here's another thing that's related: If you have a message in Moderation that is Spam and you mark it as Spam, your Akismet count used to immediately update when you moved the message from Moderation to Akismet. That dynamic caught count update no longer happens.

  10. I believe they must be changing something. The reason I say this is because the Akismet clean out link has vanished from my dashboards. Is this the same with everyone else?

  11. There's nothing in the backend being moved around.

    And for anyone posting to this thread, Akismet is working fine despite being battered by over 6 million spams just now.

    The thread is about a number, not a crucial function.

  12. *chuckle* To borrow from another thread, some of us are number watchers. :)

  13. Numbers do matter because I try to keep my Akismet queue as clear and possible because several of my regular commenters get caught by Akismet -- yes, I clear them and yes, we're reported that they keep getting caught -- so when it gets to be over 7 Akismet caught, my eyes start to blur in the mess of URLs and I can't as easily see if one of my legit regulars is sitting in there or not.

    When I see 7 reported caught -- but there are really 21 caught -- it makes clearing false positives harder and functionality and joy are lost.

    Are we not supposed to report anomalies here?

  14. Anomalies are good - well the reporting is anyway - but as it's a current issue I don't want people to think it's broken.

  15. Thread relabeled. Not as if folks actually read the threads that they post into...


  16. I apologize for being an idiot earlier [she said with a red face]. I found the spam catcher and can't explain why I didn't see it right before my nose earlier. I even tell other people how to find it on a regular basis. Anyway akismet is working like a hot damn. I cleared all 318 spams and not one was a false positive.

  17. Sorry I didn't come back and post this earlier. My count started working again a few days later. It seems to be fine now.

  18. everything boles said. the number is a big deal.

    6 million spams really sucks.

  19. I just saw my comment for the first time in a week. Below is original message.

    My comments are tossed into spam. I tried sending myself twenty six comments, in an effort to mark them as "not Spam" and still, akismet does not read that my number is legit.

    Recently I have seen comments that others in our blog community are not posting on blogs as well. This started on December 16.

    This has shut down the amount of communication. Blogspot has no problem and we have to communicate on another website. Can we get some action on this?

  20. Although I post on this comment session, I thought i would post a comment on another wordpress blog. I got too excited. I am still blocked out.

  21. I keep coming over here to see if there is any news on this. I've been having the count problem for some time now. As the spam on my blog continues to increase (I had five pages of it this morning after clearing it out last night before going to bed!) this count thing is annoying. Just now, the count showed 4 when there were actually 36!

    I have to keep scrolling thru the spam because invariably, I have one or 2 false positives in the batch. (Still waiting for page navigation at the bottom of the page, BTW.)

  22. I too seem to be having an issue with Akismet. The counter has not moved since it became stuck at 24. I know my numbers are not huge, but since it seems stuck at twenty four, I have received one more spam that it caught and two that it did not catch, but it still says 24?
    Hmmm, no movement since 24 four days ago!

  23. My comments are tossed into spam, too. Although I marked them as "not spam" in my own blog, I can of course not do that elsewhere. That is a pity because I put a lot of energy in my comments elsewhere.

    Like kavips I´d be glad if it was fixed.

  24. Kavips and Med, you are having a different problem than what is being discussed here. Please drop staff a feedback with an explaination on what is occuring and specifically point to a few of the comments (on your blog at least) that got labeled as spam. Staff has stated many times that they will look into false positives.

    Didn't I mention something up above about folks not reading the threads that they post into? *sigh*

  25. I will drop staff a feedback as soon as staff is back from holiday.
    Sorry for posting in a wrong thread, just got tempted. *smiling apologetically*

  26. Not a problem. :)

    Actually I thought they were back now....

  27. Akismet is stuck again. I just noticed mine has been at 240 for about 3 days now.

  28. Matt knows. Unstickying.

  29. Hmmm, I seem to be seeing the opposite behavior from Akismet. I have a very new blog, and Akismet is saying it has caught 24 spam since first installed. But I'm about 99.9% sure it hasn't been more than 7 or 8 spam. I have 18 legit comments on the blog so far, and am sure the spam I've deleted (no false positives, btw) hasn't amounted to nearly that many. i.e., I'm wondering if Akismet is deleting some spam that I'm not getting to see or moderate. I have nothing at all in my blacklist, a couple of IP addresses and a URL in my comment moderation field. Thoughts?

  30. I've had both "problems": Count too high or count too low. I've ceased trying to figure it out and just stopped worrying about it. It's one of the other issues just that just recently reared it's ugly head that has me a wee bit concerned: hitting the "delete" button, but nothing happens and the spam remains.

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