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Current Issue: Akismet count issue

  1. The delete button is not the one to "hit". The way Akismet learns is through us bloggers hitting "spam" and not "delete".

  2. ajajadude, are you sure you're not just getting more spam that fast? I delete the spam but by the time the refreshed page is up, sometimes I've got one to three new ones. Could this be what's happening?

  3. I have just received a Spam comment. Akismet caught it, but the counter still says 24.
    The comment is definitley SPAM, but under Akismet, I cannot do what TT suggests above by hitting "Spam" and not "Delete". (does this only happen when Akismet does not cath the comment?")
    The options I have are "Delete all spam". Of course I can mark it as "Not Spam" as well.
    Curious that I don't have that option (of confirming the Spam), but Akismet did the job correctly by identifying the comment as Spam and that is what is important.
    Oddly, counter still say 24 though.

  4. I think TT is talking about what you do in Moderate Comments, not what you do in Akismet Spam pages. Delete it. Once Akismet has put it in spam, the only way for it not to consider the source a spammer is if you mark it "Not Spam". It doesn't get doubly-labeled spam if you delete it from the spam file.

  5. Sorry and "yes" I thought you meant comments. Thanks to raincoaster for intuiting your need and addressing it. On a further note if you do not delete what has been screened out by the Akismet spam filter within 15 days then it will be automatically deleted.

  6. I don't know if this helps but I just noticed this over on the support forums about how Akismet doesn't count dupes.

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