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Current Issue: Auto-Save

  1. Can someone PLEASE tell me how to turn off the damned autosave feature that has someone just appeared? It's driving me crazy, and is just downright frustrating!

    Please, I'm going to go batty if I can't turn it off by tomorrow.

  2. This is worse than frustrating!!

    Please give us a way to turn this thing off!!

    You can't go for more than a minute without it auto-saving and moving your cursor to the start of the post!! Insane!!

    Kill this.

  3. Seriously - you have just GOT to fix this now! This is the single stupidest thing I have ever encountered - and that is saying something. I can't type for more then a few lines without it sending me back to the beginning of the page, and cause me to start writing at the beginning... it's stupid!

    Please, hurry and fix this menace now. Or at least just provide a button that I can switch off the auto save function!

  4. Josh

    Can I suggest that you put in feedback about this?

    It will get seen quicker than it might in the forum.

    I didn't even know autosave had been enabled!


  5. Actually, while I agree that this new feature is annoying (since there is no way to adjust/turn off the feature), I think it could eventually come in handy.

    Like when you're right in the middle of a really good post and for some reason your browser just shuts off and disappears. Then you discover the post has been eaten because you didn't save it every once in a while. (not that that's ever happened to me)

  6. We know this is happening and it is top of the list to sort out.

  7. This autosave is the silliest thing that wordpress is testing. Once your post is saved and then you want to publish it it DOUBLES the post/entries! then you have to go back to the dashboard and delete!

    For god's sake, what are you testing (again) guys? You should at least notify us in advance.
    You have to turn it off please, its leading to nowhere and does not support us at all.

  8. Is this the same thing that's happening to me that some posts are being saved as drafts? I keep on thinking that I accidentally clicked something to save it as a draft. I don't know how. But I deleted the drafts already. Is this the same thing?

  9. We know this is happening and it is top of the list to sort out.

  10. I'm sorry podz. I didn't read the whole thread but I just did now and read:

    then you want to publish it it DOUBLES the post/entries! then you have to go back to the dashboard and delete

    So I see it is the same thing as mine. Sorry.

  11. Sorry I sent feedback - didn't know you guys were working on it!!!! Thanks guys - I mainly read the blog for news, nothing was showing up so I didn't know this was going on! BTW once it is fixed I think it will be a great feature as there are times when you loose the lot, like sometimes using the spell checker and then turing it off - boom a paragraph is gone.

    Keep up the good work guys. Glad that I am not the only one.

  12. Please read the thread before you post. :)

  13. This should be resolved.

  14. Works for me!

  15. Can someone help? I cannot seem to find the link to start a new thread in forum anymore... where is it?

  16. unclesuuu: Go to and scroll to the bottom. Choose a forum; click it. Scroll to the bottom. There's the form.

    This could be a lot easier than it is...

  17. Uncle Su - I also answered your question by email AND as a reply to the post comment you left on my blog.

    Yes Andy, it could be much easier!

    Perhaps we should have a word with the developer... ;)

  18. I might have misunderstood podz last post. Is the auto-save 'problem' resolved now? I am having similar problems. I find the auto-save brings me automatically to the end of my post regardless of where my cursor was prior to the save. Also, if I have other windows open, the autosave automatically opens the wordpress window every minute.

    Is there a way to turn (either now or in the future) the autosave off or perhaps lengthen the amount of time between saves?

  19. iago, I was about to post this, too. If I am reading an article I want to blog, after a minute WP edit window pops back up. Not a huge issue, but annoying, for sure.

    (Also, this innovation was the start of trouble for one of my authors who now keeps losing her posts because it says she doens't have permission to edit. May be unrelated, but I wonder...I posted about it in another thread...)

  20. bump to drmike or maybe podz

  21. Should be resolved. (Haven't tried it on my WPMU install yet but I upgraded this morning) Try clearing out your cache completly and doing a force reload of the Write Post page. This involved an upgrade of TinyMCE so you may have the old version still in your cache and it may be messing up between the versions.

  22. It was resolved, but now it's unresolved again. The autosave is literally happening once every sixty seconds, which is beyond tedious if you have a long post to do. Feedback sent.

  23. Waiting for TT to suggest using Bloddesk. :)

    Actually I think 60 seconds is the default. I know it is on my install.

  24. Ahhh yes drmike, how right you are [she said with a big grin :D]. The spam dragon is not experiencing a posting problem because she and BlogDesk are one. ;)

  25. 60 seconds cannot be the default, because I'd have noticed it long before now. Sometimes with enough links in them, my posts can take an hour to write, and I'd have screamed long before now. I haven't checked today, but Support did say they were checking into it.

    I know there are multiple other ways to post than doing it live in the blogspace, but my entries come out completely different when I write offline, and I'd prefer to keep doing what I have been doing. As long as the autosave goes back to something reasonable, that should work, and Support have assured me that it will.

  26. This is one of the problems being worked on that podz referred to.

  27. It seems to be completely fixed now; as well, I'm only having to do my pastes once instead of twice, the way it's been for a week or so now. Muuuuuuuch better!

  28. I dont know if this is the same issue, but when I put "save and continue editing" I actually LOSE all my information.

    I've lost 3 posts within the last 2 days.
    This is driving me bananas.

  29. @kyrish
    This is a backend issue. We volunteers cannot help you. Send in a feedback.

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