Current Issue: Blog stats problem again.

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    My stats are running again, but the referring links are still out of date.

    It doesn’t look like any data was lost (as it jumped from 13 to 890 in the course of an hour).



    Looks like it’s coming back: yesterday’s Top Posts have reasonable-looking counts, and the graph of total views looks about right. Today’s Top Posts still don’t look right (single digits with total views at 300 or so), but I can tell it’s being worked on and solved. Many thanks, guys! I do love WordPress…



    My only question is, are the stats being saved somewhere? Are they retrievable for this period, or are they going to be gone forver?

    Everything on WordPress is backed up. So I’m sure that also counts the stats too.


    My counter started working again about an hour ago, but I seem to have lost about 500 hits!!



    The graph is working for me, but not any of the information in the columns below, nor my sidebar widget total counter. That’s okay, at least we know how many people are coming. I have faith that they’ll get the rest fixed soon; they have seven days before those stats go poof and become unreachable for us.



    my blog still works fine



    Blog stats have been reestablished I gather, but the information on the blog stats page is still wrong for me. It’s still showing the number of page view per post of yesterday.




    referers are screwed up on my site.

    once you fix that you can go and enjoy your weekend! :)



    i don’t even realise there’s a blog stats bug – that’s how many people visit my blog. lol


    Is it possible for the counter to mess up by counting too many hits? I’m wondering if that’s why mine went from 1300 to 757…well, either that or I really did have 1300 and the counter’s still malfunctioning.


    I’ve just discovered that since my blog stats got messed up, when someone leaves a comment on my blog it says their name, and the word “on”, but doesn’t list the post they’re commenting on…so there’s no way anyone else can view the comment. Anyone else having this problem?


    Anybody have a time frame when this should be fixed?



    One thing that seems to be happening is that the top posts on my blog are not being counted, except in the graph. I know people are hitting those posts, because I’ve got some that have never had less than fifty hits a day for over a couple of months now. I’m not seeing them showing up on the “Top Posts” section, and have a hard time believing my post about Abe Vigoda putting the moves on a pensioner could possibly have bumped them off. Maybe if we disabled the Top Posts thing the rest would fall into line? I dunno, just free-associating here.



    I have the same problem: the stats are not working fine.



    An quick update from. The Blog stats page is still showing problems, the hits on the pages are wrong. Just a quick mention,

    Have a good weekend guys.



    We’re aware of the problem and the cause but the remedy is taking some time. Your total views graph will remain accurate but this weekend’s referrers, post views and search terms will be affected. Sorry for the incovenience, and thanks for all the reports!

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