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Current Issue: Can't post at the moment

  1. I tried several times to publish a post on Have I been hacked?

  2. I am having trouble publishing posts too! I guess there's a bug or something. It keeps saving the post as a draft and refusing to publish. A bit frustrating...

  3. Fixed :-)

  4. I'm glad it's working for you! Mine is still acting up, though...

  5. Yay, it's fixed for me too :)

  6. Wow! Good for you! :D
    Mine wont even save the posts as drafts! :'(
    It shows as it's saved, but it's gone when I want to edit it... :S

  7. I can't post at the moment either. Doesn't even save as a draft. :( GRRR. Looking forward to posting being back. (For now storing post in google notebook)

  8. Raising to Current Issue status and dropping staff a note.

    I've gone ahead and closed the other threads covering this issue so that we don't have dupes.

  9. Podz says he's running as fast as he can in that little wheel of his. :)

    He also says that the issue has been resolved. Please do the ever popular 'Clear your cache' thingie just to make sure you're looking at the updated code and try again. :)

  10. The issue has not been resolved.

    The error I'm getting (and I dropped a feedback) is one that's been popping up from time to time lately: the post box comes up, all appears normal, and I can type in a title, but I cannot type anything in the post box. The cursor simply won't go there.

    I have cleared my cache, done a restart, etc, and it makes no difference.

  11. Im having the same thing, cant post or anything.

  12. It's iffy. Try again in an hour or so. Keeps blipping on and off for me.

  13. is normally this unstable?

  14. Not normally. It's only when they're doing some weird back end switching that it happens.

  15. No problems on my end.

  16. It happened again tonight for me once, but I left it for 15 minutes, cleared the cache again, went back and thereafter everything was fine. Strangeness.

  17. I'm having trouble just previewing a post before i publish it...i save and continue editing then go to preview it and get "Sorry, no posts matched your criteria.". I have wordpress installed on my server.

    Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

  18. nahtee, you're in the wrong forum; you need to be at, not This forum is specifically for WordPress-hosted blogs.

  19. I keep getting error messages while trying to create simple, I mean dirt simple links within my blogs.

    Anyone have a clue?

    Error 404.


  20. La pagina se esta tardando demasiado en cargar el Dashboard y demás páginas dentro del wp-admin. Que para que esta tan lento todo esto??

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