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CURRENT ISSUE: Categories and blogrolls

  1. Just wanted to give everyone an update on the category and blogroll issues from this weekend. We are very aware that there are issues with the following:

    1) Posts appearing in the wrong categories
    2) Post counts are incorrect
    3) Adding/removing categories from existing posts does not work
    4) Blogroll categorization not working all the time (which may causes certain links or groups of links not to display on your blog.)

    We are working on resolving all of these issues currently and hope to have them fixed soon. I have seen other issues regarding comments and headers not working. I don't think these are related and they don't seem to be as widespread so we are focusing on the above issues first.

    What is helpful to us is the following:

    A) Your blog URL
    B) What specifically is wrong with your blog as related to categories/blogroll.

    Any offtopic post or post without specific information will be deleted.

    I will be closing all other threads on this topic.

    No data is being lost. You should not have to re-categorize anything. The problem is with the display of the information, not the storing of it. We hope to have this fixed soon and thanks for your patience.

  2. 1)
    2) only some of the categories are showing up at the bottom of the post. New categories from my latest post don't appear in my categories list.

    3) thanks!

  3. A)
    B) Posts all shown as "uncategorized".
    It looks like the problems I was having with my image header and comment counts have been fixed... Thanks for all your hard work!

  4. On my main blog, converted from back in April, the tags at the bottom of my posts are periodically misindexed by, so that, for instance, one post to which I assigned the tags "Eastern Europe, Germany" displayed as "Mali, Paraguay"! Screen refreshes sometimes fix some posts but leave others untouched, and sometimes revert back.

    Other mismatches: tagsets:
    Mexico, U.S., economics, migration, religion mismatches:
    Eastern Europe, Islam, Lebanon, religion, war tagsets:
    Latin America, Mexico, Eastern Europe, China mismatches:
    Lebanon, Mali, Spain, music

    I was just about to trumpet the virtues of WP and tell my blogspot readers to switch their bookmarks to WP, but I think I'll have to wait and see how this Tag Chaos resolves itself.

  5. drunkensalamander


    b. trying to add categories to the one post on the blog under Manage -> Posts; keeps showing up as Uncategorized. Also, when I first wrote the post and added multiple categories, only one showed up in the selection-box list, but even that one didn't show up in the Category column of the posts list.

  6. Other mismatches: tagsets:
    Eastern Europe, nationalism, economics mismatches:
    Eastern Europe, Mali, scholarship

    Is perhaps having problems indexing multiple-word tags, like breaking after "Eastern" and pushing "Europe" into a separate tag, then losing its count after that?

  7. A)
    B) Incorrect total displaying on one tag in Categories widget;
    one category in Blogroll is no longer displaying;
    new posts first appear "uncategorized" but subsequently display correct tags.

  8. a)

    b) so far, adding a category produces the error ''Something strange happened. Try refreshing the page.'' Trying on both IE7 and Firefox

    thanks guys...

  9. a.

    b. Same problem with drunkensalamander, cannot add new categories through the ways drunkensalamander mentioned.

  10. familiesupporter
    We got confused when the category 'links suddenly showed in the sidebar 'categories widget.
    We removed the 'Links category but after a few hours the 'Links-widget was completely empty. I can't get nothing to show.

    After finding this on the forum I decided to post too. It looks like I'm suffering the exact symptoms. I removed my links, so I could recreate them. But after testing the first it still didn't show. The links category did reappear in the Categories in management, and did not reappear in the 'categories widget.

    Then I started typing this. ;)

  11. Other mismatches: tagsets:
    Europe, Bohemia (subcat of Europe), nationalism mismatches:
    democracy, scholarship

    So my "nationalism" seems to map to "scholarship" but my "Europe" and its subcategory "Bohemia" both map to "democracy"? Are subcats or supercats being discarded during indexing or remapping?

  12. a)
    b) except for the last post, the other posts have wrong categories or have none at all, although I assigned theme some. In addition to that, sometimes categories change when I refresh the page.


    Sorry, I forgot to say that the dropdown menu of the categories still does not work, I'm having an "Error 404" for many categories and some results (but less than I expect) for others.

    I just joined wordpress and can't add categories when I add a link or in the categories-menu.

    First I thought it was because I imported posts from blogger. So I made a new blog – but here it's the same issue.

  15. a)
    b) Problem is blogroll additions do NOT appear on the blogroll. Deletions seem to work fine, but I cannot add any new blogs to the blogroll.

    Thanks, guys, appreciate the hard work.

  16. a)

    b) blogroll does not appear at all

    c) no categories can be made (it always says 'something strange happened' when attempting to create a category)



    Problems noticed, occurrence:
    2) Post counts are incorrect
    3) Adding/removing categories from existing posts does not work

  18. a)

    b) Some items in the blogroll are in the wrong categories e.g. 'Conortje' and 'Frederique' should be under 'Blogroll' but are in 'TMI!". 'Conortje' also appears in 'Groovy Sites'. More generally, most of my 'blogroll' and 'groovy sites' links are appearing in the 'musak' category.

    Hope that's helpful.

  19. A)
    B) Blogroll - some categories not displaying at all. The categories that are displaying are incomplete. C) Posts displaying inaccurate categories. Tags not showing any posts or incorrect posts.


  20. @eguinan

    I fixed your blog. Can you please update this thread if it breaks again.

  21. A)
    B) Cannot categorize posts, new or old. Cannot categorize Blogroll links, all of which are new since this is a second blog.

  22. @ lisainluik

    I deleted your post because it does not have anything to do with categories or blogrolls. Please send in a support message when support opens tomorrow at 9AM PDT. Thanks!

  23. 1) blog url
    2) Catergory names once edited do not show the editing changes in the blog. New categories don't show up in the blog and sub-categories of categories don't show up in blog.

  24. My blog:
    I have problem nr. 2 and 3. Plus an extra problem: Some posts, like this post: only wiew "Error 404 - Not Found" when the post is open, but I can wiew the post when I open "Archive for the ‘Tips og råd’ Category" as normal. This post only wiew "Error 404" when opened from "manage".

  25. 1) and

    2) Unable to add / edit categories, unable to categorise blog entries or blogroll links. When writing a post and adding multiple categories, only one shows up in the selection-box list, but the post still remains uncategorised (and the category is not created) after submission.

    Both blogs are only a couple of days old, so only a couple of test entries have been made.

    Thanks :)

  26. For those of you whom are having problems with newly created blogs (past couple days), we have identified the issue there and are currently working on a fix. Should be completed soon.

  27. 1.
    2. New blog and I can't add any categories at all in my posts.

  28. A)
    B) Posts all shown as "uncategorized". All categories don't appear in my categories list.

    Thank you!

  29. A)
    B)the problem is I can not make categories . :)

  30. @migbett

    I fixed your blog. Can you please let us know if the problem recurs?

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