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CURRENT ISSUE: Categories and Links/Blogrolls (updated)

  1. As far as I can tell all the blogs in this thread:

    Have been fixed. If you have outstanding issues with your categories or your blogroll please post using this format:

    1. The URL of your blog.
    2. A link to the post with incorrect categories (or)
    3. Name of the blogroll or links that are missing.


    Missing categories: Chu-sok, Korean Festival (link to the post:

    Missing blogroll: Los Angeles Korean Festival, URL: It should be under the Korean in LA category in my blogroll.

  3. myfrenchkitchen

    Just a quick thank you for the repair of my blogrolls on both my blogs...just great!


    Cant add links. They appear in my dashboard but not on my blog.

  5. ravenlocks, your blog appears to be fixed now. Can you confirm?

    Ronell, thank you for your patience. We've all been working really hard to fix the problems.

  6. All three of my blogs look good. Thanks for all that hard work.

  7. @ellijod

    Your blog is fixed now.


    links to categories from my text widgets are not working on FireFox and invoke a download action when viewed on IE

    You need to update your text widget.

  9. inastrangeland

    Just added a new blog roll category - Provocation - and listed three blogs under it - Pharyngula, Austrian Economists, Feministing. Neither the category nor the links are appearing in my blogroll.

    Should be fixed now.

  10. My blog is looking fine now - a big thank you to you all for your hard work over the weekend, it is very much appreciated!

  11. 1.
    3. Bae Yong Joon category not appearing on sidebar


    None of the publications in "Компютри" is visible. Links in the same category are visible, though. I managed to fix most categories by exporting everything to WXR and then importing it back. Thanks in advance.

    That category is now in the sidebar.

  13. hi
    I still can't add any links to blogroll. It's a new blog.

    thanks for help.

    Are those problems are normal to blog-hosting ?

    No it's just a problem from today, your links now show up in your blogroll.

  14. thanks for keeping us updated and fixing bugs, guys!

    you're the best -- part of the 'Machines' hive is restored now (thanks once again!), but everything nested below: is not.

    it's actually a whole tree as well. for example there's still missing a link to the "Global Tags" category in the sidebar.

    I also use this link in my posts (to find all relevant posts on my blog), but it returns:
    HTTP/1.1 404 Not Found

    not sure if this related to the "CURRENT ISSUE: Categories and Links" (just don't remember in this very moment how it was before the CURRENT ISSUE), so just in case (hope it won't hurt too much):

    category links on the backend Manage/Posts page in the 'Categories' column now are pointing into Global Tags pages, instead of showing all of the posts posted into particular category on my blog -- which'd be consistent (from the point of UI usability) with an 'Action' done by a 'View' link for an individual post in the adjacent untitled column in the same row (same post ID).

    category 'Filter' drop-down on the backend works just fine though!

    Your links should redirect correctly now.

  15. As mentioned in the above post, if a category is missing from a post I need a direct link to the post, not just a link to your blog home page. I'm deleting posts to this thread with not enough info to fix, so if you see your post gone please try again with more info.

  16. The blogroll issue is fixed now, if you are still missing something in your blogroll just edit a link and it should show up.

  17. inastrangeland

    Thanks, Matt. My blogroll is looking good now. I appreciate the hard work you are putting in on this.

  18. Thank you very much for your efforts, Matt. Everything is fine now.

  19. thank you matt, it is working now. will it happen again in future, or this is a one-off thing?

    Everything's ok now. Thank you for your support!

  21. if you are still missing something in your blogroll just edit a link and it should show up

    it seems the same 'fix' could be applied to the Category widget too -- I've just edited a top-most missing cat (no changes, just hit Edit button) et voilà -- all is suddenly fixed (no more 404 as well).

    thanks a lot for hint.

  22. I just deployed the redirect fix, so if you had a tag URL that wasn't redirecting it should work now.

  23. thanks for your help - the problem is fixed now

  24. *sighs* Should have waited for this to be resolved but I just added a new category 'Recipes' but it does not show on my blog under the category widget. Thanks once again Matt.

  25. Thank you for fixing everything!

  26. julesplife, I see the "Recipes" category on your blog just fine, and the blog entries show up here:

    What exactly is wrong?

  27. Hey Matt, perhaps it is a refresh thingy, I deleted the cookies and just did a refresh and it's fine. Thanks once again...Cheers!

  28. I just noticed this now; my blog was fine yesterday when everybody else's was on the fritz.

    The missing categories are News, Media, Online, Politics, Sport, Terrorism, 9/11; Media onwards all come under the News parent, if that helps.

  29. cjwriter, you should be all fixed up now.

  30. Yep, all there. Thanks, Matt. :)


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