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CURRENT ISSUE: Categories and Links/Blogrolls (updated)

  1. My blogroll is gone... :(
    I had it and deleted some of the items and now it's gone. I've edited/added/deleted etc... trying to find it... all to no avail.

    My blog:

    Links on blogroll:



    The links seem to be strangely indendented to the right? I may have changed the default by mistake - any way of resetting that please?

  3. @ahurst615
    Please go through the process of re-installing your Links widget in your sidebar. What you enter here --> Blogroll ---> Add Link will not display in your sidebar until the Links widget is installed. And when the links are displayed they will be displayed in alphabetical order according to the Category you assigned to each one when adding them to your Blogroll.

    --> Presentation --> Widgets (find the Links widget in the Available Widgets box and drag and drop it into the Sidebar box) --> click "Save Changes".

  4. @feesch
    You are using the Chaotic Soul theme and it is displaying links that seem to be in italics. I'm using a firefox browser. Is that what you are seeing? Which browser and version of it are you using please?

  5. Apologies - it is the Links under Blogroll - currently have "influencers" there, and as you can see it is indented to the right. Looks like a subsejection as have added cataegoires, but as I altered the original "blogroll" title, it shifted it sideways? Bizarre

  6. I could be wrong but I believe that the one space indentation of links under the header titles in the sidebar is the way the theme is written. The same display is evidenced on my test blog as well.

  7. I have been trying to create a blogroll with two items in it. They do not show up. I've waited several weeks. What have I done wrong?

  8. @rosegrowser
    Unless yours is a private blog, would you please post a link blog so we can see it?
    You enter links into your Blogroll here -> Blogroll and you must assign them to a category when you do. Then you put your Links Widget into your sidebar here -> Presentation -> Widgets (drag the Links widget out of the Available widgets box and drop it into the Sidebar box, then click "Save Changes". Although sidebar data is cached and there may be a slight delay your links should display in your sidebar in alphabetical order in accord with the Categories you assigned to them when you entered them into your Blogroll.

    If you have done this and they do not display then you will need staff help. Support hours are from 9 - 5 PM Pacific time and you can use this link to reach staff

    Cheers :)

  9. Hello, we have 5 Categories that are not coming up at

    - Customer Aquisition
    - Personal Growth
    - Recruiting
    - Leadership
    - Team Building

    Please help,

    Thank you!

  10. Blog URL:

    Categories are not updating.

  11. My categories are still present on old posts and still work in my sidebar, but do not appear in the "categories" box in the Write window, nor do they appear in the Manage -> Categories window. I tried re-adding the categories, but that didn't work. Any suggestions? Thanks.

  12. I add links to my blogrol but none is appearing. I see the links in my dashboard but not on my blogroll. They have a category attached to them

  13. Solved: i needed to add the link widget

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