Current Issue: feed: extended/paged (text after more tag) entry is not exported!

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    even if ‘Options/Syndication Feeds/For each article, show:Full Text’ is ON, everything that goes after _MORE_TEXT_TAG_ is not showed up in the RSS reader.

    I beleive such feed export behavior is wrong.

    at the very least, it’d be _very_ nice to have some kind of a “Read on…” pointer (at the entry bottom) in this case for the feed readers.

    but this does not ‘solve’ a “backup” problem: it’ll require to edit all that paged posts to have a full text to be exported.

    meanwhile, beware when you page your post.



    I’m having the same problem. Is there any way to fix this?



    That’s a Podz question. I’ll send in a feedback.




    I too am interested in finding a solution to this. I try to keep my home page clean, so I use the [more tag] for long articles. However, the rest of the article is not included with the feed. This is highly frustrating. I do not want my readers to think that this is on purpose.

    I hope that this issue is addressed and that a fix will be issued. I look forward to this.




    I had the same experience with my blog which had a regulus theme. I subscribed to that blog both through “bloglines” and through “feedblitz”. In both cases the feeds brought back only what was written up to the “more” tag.

    BTW we are all using different themes.



    I can’t pull up the ticket system to see if this is a current issue with the WordPress code. I am bumping this up to a current issue here though.

    I had to edit the title of the thread to get it to fit. Hope you don’t mind.



    I mentioned this one around a week ago and didn’t get any response:



    I have found out that the problem is solved now that we can use the new customized more-tags. (At least, it’s a nice workaround.)
    Well, at least, I have a customized “Read on…” pointer in the feeds now.

    Another benefit of customizing is that the text for the more-tag is consistent on all pages. (At least with the Default theme, I had “Read the rest of this entry” on the start page and “(more…)” on category or archive pages.)



    This is addressed.



    Excuse me Podz but could you explain what “this is addressed means”. On August 8th I posted this

    Yesterday I checked my bloglines feedreader account and it stopped at the “more” tag. As the article is still on my front page albeit at the very bottom I’m waiting until the next artcle is posted and the one in question moves back. Then I will edit and remove the “more” tag so I can get the feedreader to pick all of the article up and provide me with a back-up copy of the post.

    So should I go ahead with my plan above or does your comment indicate there has been a change? I just changed the tag to this <!–more But wait, there’s more! –> and hopefully the feed will pick it all up. Have I done the right thing?



    Sorry – by addressed I mean the bug is being actively tracked and the thread had also been stale for a while. It will be sorted.



    Thanks for letting me know. I’ll be using my plan tomorrow and be waiting patiently for the fix. :)



    Hm – every RSS reader I see cuts off anybody’s posts (not just the posts) once it hits a “More” tag. I thought it was part of the feed standard. Interesting to know that it is a bug.



    More interesting still that it’s going to be fixed – alleluia!



    Hello! I’d contacted WordPress support about this earlier, but got no response. I guess I should have checked the forum first. I’d like to know if there’s any template available on wordpress that will avoid this problem, if at all the problem has anything to do with templates.

    And it would be really helpful if anybody could give me a rough idea of how long it might take for this bug to be fixed.

    Thanks in advance!

    – w



    I don’t believe that anyone in sysadmin has said this is a theme dependent bug – I do know that the bughunt is on.

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