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Current Issue: Future Posts

  1. Greets:

    I'm going to be annoying here and make a fuss over future posts since I'm seeing two issues and both are fairly big. Both have been reported via Feedback recently:

    1 - If one creates a future post via importing with the WordPress XML importer or the Movable Type importer, then it doesn't show up in the blog at all. For example, this post never came up until I edited it and republished it again. Recently, I've been doing it for most of the Posts within that blog since they're timed to go up at midnight and 1pm US eastern time.

    Minor note for that one. The post does show up in the Scheduled Posts list as being due. The time listed though increases as we get further away from the schedule post time though.

    2 - If you do manually republish a post, then it shows up early in the tag system. Please note the post labeled "the Front yard" with a date of "-1 years ago."


  2. tough luck on you, drmike. i just scheduled two posts yesterday. it published today no problem. the other post is supposed to publish tomorrow. i did the posts in the wp editor.

  3. my second post published as scheduled. i dont see any problem with it.

    the trick is that it's not being published as the timezone i have set in options, but the 'default' timezone, which is 8 hours later than mine. so my post gets published 8am my time even though in the timestamp i have edited it to appear at midnight.

  4. Neither my midnight and 1pm post for today published. :(

  5. I am having the same problem. I have to "push" (republish) the scheduled posts if they dont go "on air" at the scheduled time.

    Annoying specially on weekends that I am away from my computer.

  6. inadvertentgardener

    I've been reporting this stuff via Feedback, too, and got a response from Podz that said they basically don't know the deal and can't solve it unless they can figure out what's going wrong.

    I went through a period where stuff I future-posted just posted right away. Now, when I future-post, it just stays in the future post queue rather than actually posting.

    So, Dr. Mike, I'm with you on the frustration. I'm looking forward to the solution when it shows up.

  7. has anyone tried on their blog my 'trick'? it always works for me.

  8. Hmm, the last two worked for me. Maybe it's a sign.

    Sort of tried it. I'm 5 hours off of GMT and, since the overnight post is suppose to come up at midnight, it's more than 5 hours until I check it.

  9. inadvertentgardener

    I just scheduled a post using the trick...we'll see if it works. It's scheduled to go live at 5 a.m. Central Daylight Time (US), but I set it for 10 a.m., since I'm also five hours off GMT. We'll see if it works -- I get up at 5:30 a.m. to go to the gym, and that's usually when I manually post, so I'll log on and see if it works.

  10. inadvertentgardener

    OK -- here's my report on the matter. I got up this morning, and the post was hanging out in my list of upcoming posts, showing it as being scheduled for four hours from now (which would be 10 a.m. my time). So, it wasn't up, and I had to go ahead and edit the time again and just get it posted so I can get out of here and go to the gym and to work.

    I'll do some experimentation for tomorrow morning, though, and just treat the time as I was normally (setting the future post to the appropriate time in my time zone, rather than factoring in UTC stuff), and I'll see if it works.

    And if I'm not explaining this properly, pardon me...there's been no coffee intake yet!

  11. Not sure why this got reduced from a sticky but if staff doesn't want it as one... *shrug*

  12. I tried a slightly differnt angle. I used BlogDesk and uploaded my posts for 1 and 2 1/2 hours from now. When I click on manage they are showing in my line-up of posts. I'll update you on what happens.

  13. It's strange though since they're not publishing here at but the specific posts that don't publish do publish on a standard WPMU install.

  14. Mine came through with no problem.

  15. Must be those SixApart gremlins again.

    Three more didn't show up in teh last 24 hours. :(

  16. inadvertentgardener

    On Saturday, I put posts in place for the next five days (Sunday-Thursday). So far, Sunday's post didn't go up at all until I went back in and republished, and the post today went up on time as scheduled. It's so very inconsistent, which is also, I'm sure, why it's impossible for the WordPress gurus to solve the problem.

    Although I will say this...I find the not-automatically-publishing far superior to the other problem I've experienced, which is when the post publishes out to the site (and to all RSS feed-readers) immediately, but shows the future post date/time that I set, even though that date hasn't arrived yet. I'd much rather have the thing just languishing in the system -- I can solve that by going back in and publishing, even if that's a little bit of a pain.

  17. Future posting works inconsistently for me too.

  18. It's a known issue but have you remembered to send in a feedback. ;)

  19. skcsknathan001

    The future posts doesn't work

    The posts doesn't get posted in the default UTC time or the set time in the Options. I have to manually re-publish.

    Waiting for the fix [I have sent the feedback already]. Thanks

  20. The future posts doesn't work

    Most feature posts work. I'm running about 20% that don't.

  21. I just put in a few more changes that should help. Sorry that this has lingered so long. This bug is my nemesis.

  22. I thought you were going to fix it for my birthday? *sniff*

    Ryan, please note that the issue appears to also exist with regular WPMU setups as well. While mine have worked in the past, I am now receiving reports that that may not be true.


  23. I only tried this last night, and three posts should have gone up by now. None did, so I put (two of) them out manually. The third one said "due in 8 hours" when I signed on and now says "due in 10 hours".

  24. "The future posts doesn't work"

    Podz answered my feedback question with a "this is a
    bug problem" response. So ryan, Podz, beat on the brat!!!


  25. When/if they DO go up, does anyone know if they happen to appear in "Latest Posts" or do they get left off that?

  26. According to drmike I believe that 80% of them do through and do appear in "Recent Posts". In my case the ones I published through BlogDesk showed up right on time and were included in "Recent Posts".

  27. skcsknathan001

    Ok.. good news

    It seems like the issue was fixed.

    My posts in both of my blogs working! Whooo.. hooo..

  28. Yep, works for me, too. Outstanding!

  29. It didn't worked for me!

  30. Note: This has nothing to do with this thread. But maybe drmike can help us.

    If a click the "RSS feed for this thread" icon browser will pop up an error.

    I think URL should clear the "feed" before "http"



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