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Current Issue: Future Posts

  1. @perezios
    You said, "This has nothing to do with this thread. But maybe drmike can help us."
    I thought you should know that drmike has gone for today and won't be back until tomorrow. Also as this is off-topic maybe you should put it in a separate thread on RSS feeds so he doesn't miss seeing it. I'll leave that up to you to decide on.

  2. Actually the feed: URL is not for the browser but for an RSS reader. Some browsers will redirect it to your RSS reader but that's something you have to setup for self.

    Friendly reminder that the FAQ sticky is there for a reason. :)

  3. @drmike,
    OOPS! Sorry for assuming you were gone when you weren't yet running for the bus %-(

  4. It's Thursday. I'm uptown since I help a gentleman hand out a couple hundred hotdogs to the area homeless. Going home shortly.

    I need to post some 'office hours'...

  5. drmike said,
    "Friendly reminder that the FAQ sticky is there for a reason. :)"

    my bad!

  6. @drmike
    I used BlogDesk yesterday and postdated three posts for my for this morning 8:00, 8:05,and 8:10 AM. They all came through perfectly. But the news on the 7:06 AM one at postddated for 7:06 AM was not the same. It did not publish and now it's up because I went in and clicked "publish". hmmmmmm ....

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