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Current Issue: Garland doesn't save custom colors

  1. I've just set Garland as my default theme, but I can't save the custom colors after I've chosen them and pressed the buttom to save them.

  2. I would report this to TPTB via feedback. you'll get a quicker response. There's nothing that "us mortals" in the forum can do to help.


  3. i can save them no problem. give it another try tomorrow and if it still doesn't work, you might want to send in a feedback then.

  4. Same problem here. No custom color change is saving.

  5. well, i managed to get it saved yesterday... maybe the bug started today?

  6. I think this is fixed?

  7. Not yet

  8. Not yet :(

  9. Same here, first I thought its because Im on Safari, so I`ve checked Firefox, with no saving ability as well. Have tried it on both mac and pc with no succes :(

  10. It is working for me no problem at all. Worked in both FF and IE6. I can't afford a Mac to try it in Safari I'm afraid. :( Can you try switching to another theme, view your blog then switch back to Garland and try the custom colours again. Let us know what happens.

  11. So Ive changed the theme, then changed it back to garland and... still cant save custom colors :( Whyyyyyyyy?

    Did anyone, who have the same issue fixed the problem?

  12. I have a firefox 2 browser and have not had problems saving custom colours. Perhaps you would like to download a firefox 2. Here's what Mark has to say about browsers and how they display wordpress

  13. martineverland --

    I just tried changing Garland colors on a private blog of mine with Firefox 2.0 on a MacBook Pro and it worked great. It's a nice theme!

    EDITED TO ADD: The color picker is crazy good!

  14. Yesterday I sent an e-mail message to by means of the Contact Support form, and they answerd me: "Sorry about this - we will get that fixed". Signed by Mark.

  15. @blogestores
    I see you have the "blue" version installed on your blog. Is the custom colour saving working for you now or is it still a problem? Are you using safari or another browser?

  16. The custom color saving is not yet working for me. I use Firefox 2.0 on Ubuntu Edgy.

  17. For me it's the same thing. The colors I choose were not saved. If I click the button "Save custom colors" my selected colors get lost and it jumped back to the default color scheme. I use Firefox 2.0 but I have tested the color picker also with Opera 9.02 and IE 7.0 with the same effect. The system is windows xp home edition.

  18. All I have to do now is wait and give the color changing a try everyday. Maybe the issue will be fixed soon. IMHO Its not the browser or/ and platform problem, as Ive checked it on others (FF 2 & Opera 9 as well) browsers and cpus.

    Anyway, thx for trying help me out here :)

  19. I have the same problem...the solution?

  20. I have been waiting for some days, but there is no solution yet.

  21. Raising to current issue status and sticking it.

  22. It's the holidays.
    No code is being worked on it as it is the holidays.

    From the 2nd there will be tickets and code will be changed.
    Until then....... nothing really happens.

  23. As Garland isn't even supposed to be available on right now, I very much doubt that fixing it will be a priority even then. I would advise people to use another theme.

  24. Unsticking - I'd forgotten what wank mentions. It could sit here for a while and we seem to have a few stickies.

  25. If it's of interest to you I just put two of my blogs into the Garland theme and changed the colour scheme on each one with ease.

  26. OK, I'm lost. I have Garland on my Presentation page.

  27. Not saving for me. I'll get over it.....

  28. @misslionheart
    I think your question is on topic for this thread. The colours aren't being "saved" for you when you use the Garland theme. Is that correct? If so, then please send in a feedback as this needs to be a backend "fix".

  29. I can`t change the colors and I have tried in Explorer and Firefox 2.0

  30. @antse
    Please read what I said to misslionheart immediately above your post and send a feedback in to staff. Forum volunteers can't help you with this. You need a backend fix. :)

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