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Current Issue: Garland doesn't save custom colors

  1. What does it say to do in the post right above yours? :)

  2. @drmike
    ummm ... did you notice that the last post on page 1 is mine and that I told her the same thing [she scratches her head]?

  3. my color changer doesn't save colors yet!!!

  4. I'm sure you have read this thread that you posted into and that you know what to do. Please send a feedback in to staff. Forum volunteers can't help you with this. You need a backend fix. :)

  5. Maybe not. When you say it doesn't save the colors, are they not saving them when you pull up the color changer or when you look at your blog. If you're looking at the color changer, send in teh feedback. If it's saving there but not appearing on your blog, it's a browser cache issue. Clear your browser cache and do a forced reload of the page that you're looking at.

    And if it still doesn't appear right, send in the feedback. :)

  6. noted :)

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