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Current Issue: I cannot access certain links in top navigation strip

  1. Yep, same as me. Clicking anything just takes me to my blog homepage.

  2. Sorry about that. :)

    Send in an email with the same inforamtion to support at this domain.

  3. I Have the same problem!

  4. Help me to help you.

    Tell me your blog name :)
    I can figure it out but that delays me helping you.

  5. Guessing's more fun, surely? ;)

    I've emailed support but my blogname is

    <--- there

    if it's any quicker ;)

  6. Please help me, I have the same problem with my blog - Clicking anything just takes me to my blog homepage.

  7. brocha - can you email support from the gmail address you use? There are 3 people with closely related information and I don't want to get it wrong :)

  8. thank you podz for fixing my blog!

  9. Hi podz, I have the same kind of problem too as posted here. Please have a look at my blog I've also sent you an email too.

  10. Amazingly fast. Thanks... =)

  11. Hi, I too am having the same problem. I've sent an email as well, but thought I would mention the issue here, not least to tell other bloggers that the problem persists. I would have sent the message via feedback, but of course, I can't access it. Will be hugely grateful for any help. You guys have been very quick off the mark with help and information in the past..

    The blog is

  12. Andrew's working on support right now. I'm sure he'll get right on it for you, especially since you sent in the email. :)

  13. litlove - you should be good now.

  14. Ok, fingers crossed that seems to be working. Did you really do that that fast? Good grief, respect, if so!

  15. I try not to hang around :)

  16. Heck, he's a WP staffer. He's got BBQ to eat. :)

  17. appears to be having troubles as well... the themes are not showing and the "show page" link links to http:/// (i.e. nothing).


  18. twiggle - all looks okay on that blog. If it is yours, please send a feedback.

  19. I'm the one trying to get the pages set up, with Twiggles help. The 'show page' link from wp-admin still links to nothing (http:/) and all of the wyswyg's are x'd out on the Write pages and Presentation pages. Yes, there's more...when I try to log in, I'm told that the "Page cannot be displayed" but if I go to, I am automatically logged into the dashboard. User ID: kansasreads

  20. kansasreads - please send in a feedback.

  21. I can't access the Dashboard via the usual top strip. But for those who want to update their blogs:

    I hope to have it fixed soon

  22. buenacosa, please follow the instructions listed above and send in an email to support at this domain.

    Good luck,

  23. Hi, guys. I let things be days ago but there's still no change. I can't access the nav strip. I get a login box and that takes me to my blog or I get my blog straight off. Again, my info is, Tirades & Stuff. I didn't send a feedback since I didn't see a link and I couldn't access the Dashboard but I did send you an e-mail days ago to [email redacted] so you should have that. It'd sure be nice to have things working again. Thanks again.~ RRG

  24. RR, I went ahead and sent in a feedback for you.

  25. I didn't get an email. I have checked and I always respond to problems I can fix as quick as I can. Sorry...

    Anyway, I can't see what could stop you from our side. The usual suspects for this happening are not present.
    Try clearing all your cookies - if that does not work, send another email - I'll watch for it.

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