Current Issue: If you get a 503 error….

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    How to wait longer for your blog to be fixed
    Post about it here.

    How to wait a lot less for your blog to be fixed
    Use the Feedback link.

    drmike has it at the top.
    It’s now here.



    503 Service Unavailable
    The server is temporarily busy, try again later!
    Powered By LiteSpeed Web Server
    Lite Speed Technologies is not responsible for administration and contents of this web site!

    I can`t write a Post on my Blog, since a few days. I like to Blog, so please help.




    I like to Blog, so please help.

    I like to waste my time posting instructions on what to do to solve this issue. :)

    Please read the very first post in this thread and follow those instructions provided. Heck, read Podz’s post right above yours.


    And people wondered why I took off for two weeks…


    Thanx Podz…
    I love you …



    “503 Service Unavailable
    The server is temporarily busy, try again later!”

    I’ve found that message since April 30, and just like all of you, can’t write any posts.
    I just send a feedback from my Dashboard and hope that it will back to normal soon.
    Thanks before !


    Thnks you guys,

    I ve just sent you a feedback and now my blog is working again…
    Have a nice day!



    I’m also getting a re-direct loop which times out. So, I can’t get to the Dashboard to leave feedback.

    I have my own WordPress powered blog hosted elsewhere and I’m trying to get the Akismet plug-in. Having been spammed a few times.

    So, I sign up for a blog ( to get the API key… then end up not being able to get the key due to the loop. I’m sure we’ve all felt the frustration.

    Anyway, I know you guys are working on it. So, I’ll keep trying.



    Jon, please send in an email to support at this domain, mentioning that you can not get to your dashboard to do so.


    Hi, I am having similar problems. I sent a note for help via feedback yesterday, but I haven’t heard anything yet and the problems are persisting.



    viewfromearth – I can’t see any feedback and I just checked your blog – the database looks good? Does it work?


    Okay, I sent a feedback about a time-out/page won’t load error and some other issues 3 days ago and I still haven’t heard anything. Just wondering if my message got received?



    View, you might want to read the post that Podz left you right before yours. :)

    I can’t see any feedback


    Oops, Podz, I just saw your message to me. I did send feedback on Sunday, not sure why it never came through to you. Add that to my list of problems. Here is what I sent, with rate of occurance for each issue:

    1. can’t reach dashboard (1/5)
    2. can’t view blog (1/4)
    3. when uploading a picture the entire upload section disappears (I just see blank area) and I have to “save and continue” in order to view it again (1/3)
    4. when clicking “publish” a blank page loads and the post is lost (1/2) **this is the most frustrating**
    5. when I check technorati or pingomatic (have waited various lengths of time after posting) my ping has not been updated since the last time I did it manually
    6. images are not showing in my link section (they used to but then disappeared about a week ago and now all I have is text). I have double checked all urls, they are OK.

    I have used Firefox and IE6, problems same with both. When the upload section disappears I have to keep saving and going back to the post and trying again, sometimes 3x in a row before it will upload the picture. Losing the post every other time I try to publish is driving me crazy. I enjoy WP and would much more if I could resolve these issues. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!



    View, what’s your connection to the net and are you using any sort of firewall or security program? Are you getting an errors? (I don’t thionk you are or you would have said so but I wanted to make sure.) I would go ahead and send in an email to support at this domain so that someone can take a look at the issue.


    I have broadband and yes I use a firewall but have not had problems with blogging before. In fact WP was working just fine for me at first then it started acting buggy with problems getting worse as time goes on. I’ve tried to think of anything on my end but I’m out of ideas. I’ll send an email, thanks!



    I’ve had no 503 requests for a few days so if you can stand maybe the odd question this can be dropped?



    Apologies for the post, I’m getting a 503 error and can’t give feedback from Dashboard. Running WordPress 2.0.2, have backed up database and wordpress files from my server.

    Would upgrading to 2.0.4 make any difference?

    Any help much appreciated.

    Thanks in advance,




    Please read me first before posting
    You are in the wrong forum. You belong over here



    “503 Service Temporarily Unavailable”
    I ve just sent you a feedback but still don’t wok :s

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