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Current Issue: Issue with Pages

  1. Does anyone know if there is being any update to WP? The pages on my Blog, just went dead all of a sudden, and when I tried to view them it said that the content wasn't found here. Should I backup the pages while they are still accessible to Manage? Thanks

    edit: Nevermind. I guess i'll wait till tomorrow. Someone is probably working on the server, and the Feedback is off-line.

  2. Take an export of your blog.

  3. Please send a feedback to staff. This is the second post of this nature in the last 20 minutes.

  4. Same thing is happening to me - can't access pages...weird.

  5. Send in a feedback so staff knows your blog is effected.

  6. Whew...same here, and I just sent out promos for work on my blog...jeees...I also get news there's no support team available till tomorrow...darn darn darn...thanks for being here about this if I can figure out how to send a feedback...bad day, bad day, bad day...har.

  7. Feedback button - light blue colour - located on the top right hand corner of any blog page

    Email support at this domain dot com

  8. Right, but since support is closed today, we can't send any feedback until it reopens tomorrow.

  9. me 2 mine is saying do not pass goal do not collect $200

  10. lol...I just get notification they're away till tomorrow when I hit that wee tab. but thankyou kindly....walking around the studio here with my hand on my forhead just as in your pic there timethief. again, thanks for your vigilance times like these...

  11. My page is down also!

  12. "Right, but since support is closed today, we can't send any feedback until it reopens tomorrow."

    Good grief. I didn't realize this was the case. It's Monday. It's not the weekend. I have no idea what's going on with that and why support is temporarily closed. But I do know staff have the support forums on rss feeds and that they must know about this.

    ... Oh Mark ... we have 5 bloggers in this thread as well as others in the other threads on the board with the same or similar problems

  13. ...I suppose it's too early to blame Vista? har.

  14. engtech, i think you're talking about this when you say 'take an export of your blog.' Could you elaborate? I'm not very familiar, but really interested in getting my pages back up. Thanks.

  15. My blog is also not working, but it's just my pages seperate from my home, my about and reviews page.

  16. I've got the same happening here too. We are so pissed off but happy to read signs of server error. Like this morning we had no water running. Happened to be an error as well...Good luck y'all!

  17. i just figured out the export/import thing. i'm still a bit nervous to do it, tho, for (ungrounded?) fear that it jumble my archives, et cetera. also not sure if doing so is necessary. is this is a good fix until help arrives tomorrow? or just sit tight?

  18. I am in the same situation. Homepage works, all the other pages (about and more) show up in editor (which means they haven't disappeared, after all), but not on site :(

  19. I think I will probably just sit tight and wait for support to fix the problem. All the data is backed up, and posts are still loading fine, so it seems like exporting the whole blog might be overkill in this case. Just a random opinion though.

  20. To Staff: Feedback closed - pages down...pls advise a.s.a.p.

  21. IMO shortexact is right on.

    Many of us are affected. Exporting now would mean exporting a dog's breakfast. Why do so? As mature adults we are in a position to take a deep breath and relax knowing that staff are working on this.

  22. I will try to believe that I did NOT just make a mAjor mistake.....Goosfrabba (Says Jack Nicholson in his role as 'anger management therapist'. GOOOOOSSSSSFRAbbbbbaaAAAA!

  23. Your files are not lost, just most of the links. Check if your files still exist by clicking in 'manage pages' on 'edit' and see what happens.

  24. So it CAN be usefull to 'export' and save away from wordpress. It's a great feature!

  25. Yes, they are working when we edit them from manage control...

  26. Friendly reminder that backups are made every hour. Nothing is lost.

    Making this thread the sticky since it appears to be the most trafficed.

    Current issue tag and feedback sent to the staff with a pointer to this thread. I unmarked it as resolved as well. gave it a better name too.

  27. We will all just have to sit back and relax... I guess offering you guys a bit of hot chocolate might be good as well. thanks for the help, and I can say that I'm glad that I'm not the only one with this error. And thanks for the hint on the "Export" feature thestatusjoe :)

    edit: Thanks drmike, and sorry that i marked it as resolved, but since there was not much that could be done at the time, i thought a good night sleep would help :P

  28. Thanks in general Dr. Mike!!!

    John Tully

  29. no prob, dabecasis. thank engtech, tho.

  30. My page shows this how about everyone else?

    You are totally in the wrong place. Do not pass GO; do not collect $200.

    Instead, try one of the following:

    Hit the "back" button on your browser.
    Head on over to the front page.
    Try searching using the form in the sidebar.
    Click on a link in the sidebar.
    Use the navigation menu at the top of the page.

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