Current Issue: Missing Blogroll

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    When you really really need help..

    And you think you know of a problem….

    How do you make contact??



    Well, if you have a question, you can start a new thread at the bottom of this page.



    I’ve had the same issue as kateenf, the second comment.



    thanks for your prompt feedback Podz – I will keep checking here and on my blog to see if it now works.



    Sorry to be a pain in this – I am still having trouble with the bookmarks. They are all listed on the dashboard, but are not visible on the blog itself. I am using the regulus theme – just wondering if that is part of the problem? I chose the theme because I could customise the header. I am happy to try out another theme if there is one that allows me to do this with a blog.



    souls – your bookmarks are not in categories. They need to be in them. Click Edit along from one and add them.



    I know I’m writing the obvious, but having suffered the same confusion shouldn’t SOMETHING be done to clarify this?

    A) put a warning note on the bookmarks/links page that links won’t appear unless they are categorized (this wouldn’t require anything back end to change so it seems simple, no?)
    B) allow bookmarks/links to display even if not categorized
    C) assign a default category automatically to links, why would someone add a bookmark/link, set it “Visible” and then NOT want it to display?

    One last rant, why call it links in the widget and bookmarks elsewhere, this leads to the confusion…



    A) Actually there was something saying this at the bottom of the “Add Bookmark” page. It was there yesterday. Also see #C.

    B) It’s really theme dependent. Some themes just display all of the links in one long list. Remember, these themes were designed for WordPress where themes are editable, while we’re running WordPress MultiUser where themes aren’t currently. We’re kind of stuck with how the theme designer first designed their themes.

    C) Already is that way. Dashboard -> Options -> Writing. People are overriding the selection though I guess. I know when I add in a link,

    D) Because probably none of the programmers noticed it. They used to both be called Links. They must have missed it. I’ll send in a Feedback pointing that out to them. (I for one still like the old way myself.) :)

    Good ideas though. :)



    Glad to found this forum….
    I think I am having the similar problem …
    In fact, my bookmarks are all intact in the category I assigned , but when I signed in yesterday, I realize that, all my bookmarks in order previously mixed up, not in the original order!
    I wonder what is happening … read through this forum, I still can’t figure out what should I do?

    Can any one help?



    You haven’t changed the theme recently, have you? Some of the themes list links in different orders.



    I’m having a links related problem as well –

    When I set up my blog (, i set up the blogroll and everything went in the sidebar fine and dandy. Great.

    But – just noticed that catergories have gotten a bit screwed up. Instead of being in the right categrories (PR; Marketing; Podcasts), they’ve all be put into “Marketing” and then the “podcasts” have been put in “PR” and “marketing” into “podcasts”. I went in and recatergorised a couple of the links but nothing changes (was it because they’re cached?) and then took links out altogether for a few hours but nothing…

    Anyone else haivng this problem and can help?




    The same thing is happening to me. One minute they were fine and the next, the categories were all messed up and I have duplicates. When I went to check their categories in the Manage Bookmarks page, they’re all correct.



    whatever it was, it’s back to normal now…hmmm



    ermmm, recently I did not change my theme …
    my situation same as “ethnically” mentioned …
    I also checked all categories in Manage bookmarks page, all correct!
    So, still wondering what is happening?



    I guess there is some setting changes for Theme under “Wordpress default 1.5” by Michael Heilemann…
    In fact, since beginning until the moment I changed my theme just few minutes ago, I used this theme; but after read the comment by drmike, I try to change my setting to other theme, surprised that my link are back to normal and in correct category after I changed to other selection provided instead on my previous theme selection.

    I guess for those who encounter the same problem as me, may try to change their original theme selection and see does it work or not…

    Good luck!


    Mine has also gone back to normal.



    thnx “drmike”
    ur suggestion helped me in getting blogroll .. but there is one strange thing.. when I applied one particular theme (don’t know which one) the blogroll was seen but in all others it didn’t come up.. until I categorized them.. any idea what may be the reason …



    Pgagan, you answered your own question.

    Blogrolled links must be in a category for them to display in most themes.




    Figures…I am new to WordPress (a couple weeks) and I sent off a support request regarding this very issue. I had removed the “Links” widget from my blog originally and only changed my mind today.

    By now, I forgot the widget is named “Blogroll” on your blog but it’s called “Links” in the Dashboard. Very confusing.

    I’m sorry I wasted someone’s time.

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