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Current Issue: Missing stat information

  1. I used to be able to see my top posts on the stats page.
    However, since yesterday, I couldn't see which pages were most viewed.
    All the other stat features were working.

    I had visitors, so there is no reason why I can't see the top posts stats.
    Help please...

  2. Greets:

    What are you seeing there?

  3. Top Posts
    These posts on your blog got the most traffic.


    Title Views
    9 Nov: Class


    The above was formatted properly and appeared as it usually did.
    The only thing missing is the data.

    However, all the other stats are still there.
    I can see all my referrers, Blog Stats, Totals, Spam, Incoming Links

  4. Hmm, working on mine. Strange. Normally when something like this is broken, we'll get post by the ton around here.

    Might be just a temporary issue. You may want to send in a Feedback and point this out to staff.

    Anyone else's stats not working for them?

  5. Someone called 'nitawriter' also has the same problem.

  6. Yes, I've got the same problem. All stats working except Posts Viewed and Top Posts. I'm using Andreas04 theme

  7. me too having the same problem since yesterday. had my day of maximum hits but no top posts!
    changed my theme too.. dint help!

  8. i was using andreas 7, am now using andreas 9

  9. ok i got one post in the top posts finally!

  10. I have this problem too and I have put it up in another subject line. I didn't see this one...
    I am using Andreas too, funny huh. But anyway, changing the theme doesn't help.
    This is making me very unhappy because I really like to know what is being read.
    And this problem has been going on for more than two days now.

  11. Same issue here. I know I'm getting traffic, and it's odd that the stats show everything else is working just fine. I double checked the hits against my other StatCounter, just to be sure.

  12. looks like mine is working perfectly now.

  13. well not perfecct, but pretty good... luks like it went on a holiday or 2 days.. and works well now.. lol

  14. Staff has mentioned that the stats system is seperate from the main blogging system. It may have been a burp.

    Oh Andy. Care to comment?

  15. Mine has gone completely on the blink! Not a single top post and not a single view of a page. However, the hits keep coming.

  16. I had to remove the Top Posts from my page. It looked odd, not having a single one out there.

  17. Same problem here - All stats working except for Top Posts. Any sign of a solution to this one?

  18. Would like to know how serious this problem is. Is it like some major hardware has crashed? Also, once it's fixed will the Top Posts of the days which have been missed come back or will they be lost forever?

  19. I'm using Andreas04 and have not seen any "Top Posts" for close on 72 hours. Frustrating.

  20. Ok, I hate to be a worry wart, but I have been doing some checking of the "stats" icon in the "Manage" page and it all seems to have come to a standstill sometime around the 9th or 10th of November. There are no stats at all shown after the 10th. Are the stats held somewhere else? And has Andy woken up yet? If not, send him a pizza for breakfast.

  21. I'm using Andreas04, and yes, I think it was Friday that I noticed they were no longer showing up. I know I'm getting traffic, and the Google searches are definitely landing people on specific pages.

    I'm tempted to switch themes just to see if that's the problem.

  22. Maybe you should switch just temporarily, to see if the stats suddenly pop up on your stat page.

  23. No, it's not the theme. I've tried it.
    Or maybe it is the theme. Maybe those who use Andreas get this bug and then well, they can't do a thing about it. I too have Andreas.

  24. Just now I got two posts which appeared under the heading of 'Top posts'. While this is better from the previous 'None', it's much worse than previously where I used to get about 10. Also, the views for each is just one each. As I got 160 views today I know this cannot be accurate.
    The more I think about it, the more I feel that the Andreas theme did something to cause this. How come so many of us with the Andreas theme are getting this bug? I am very non-techy but I wonder if a virus can get into a particular theme?
    If I didn't need two side bars I would have changed my theme by now.

  25. My blog has issues with 'Top Posts' stats too.

  26. I would suggest sending in a feedback giving details. I know Andy is around as he answered another thread...

    Raising to current issue status.

  27. Hello, I have the same problem since 5 or 6 days, I have already send twice a feedback, I guess I have to wait. Any other suggestion?

  28. Investigating.

  29. We found the problem. Unfortunately the postviews for the past few days are unrecoverable for blogs with the Recent Entries widget activated. Total views are unaffected. You should start seeing new postviews appearing within the next few minutes. Sorry about that!

  30. No more Bugs, only Hugs:) Stats working properly now, Thank you Andy!

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