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Current Issue - posts and 404

  1. It's being fixed right this second.

  2. Thank you for letting us know.

  3. Thanks!

    There's a lot of worried people out there.

  4. Agreed -- thanks for letting us know it's being worked on!

  5. Hi,

    Some strange things have been happening to my blog. My posted threads disappears from my blog for some time and due to my frequent refresh it appears again :( :) I dont know abt this bug. Even my home page isnt diplaying now? :(

    I guess the server manitenance is going on the progress@ our wordpress :) isnt it?

    Bst Regards

  6. Thank you, I'm one of those worried people!

  7. Thanks!

  8. I am sorry for the TYPO ERRORS in my previous posts! just posted in a tensed state :(

    I am cool now :)

    please let me know when the server will be up and running!


  9. thanks!

  10. butterflybahrain

    Thanks god. I thought I lost all my posts :(

    I got this problem after one of the comments so I thought may be it was a kind of hack or something :)

  11. Remember, WordPress posted:
    Theme Tuesday: ChaosTheory

  12. what was the reason of this situation ?

  13. Okay, I'm relieved to know that this was an error. I looked at my blog with horror. There was only one entry, an entry that was written months ago at that.

  14. Thanks! We were really worried!

  15. Fixed

    Please reload your blog - all should be good


  16. I still face this strange error?? please help me! :-(

    Thanks a ton in adv!

  17. Hi Everyone, does this glitch refer to missing pages as well? All of my posts are there, but five pages in my header are missing, and completed gone from the editing dashboard. :( T

  18. Yes.. Its working perfect now! Thanks a lot!

  19. Okay - if you see an error, please describe it in precise detail. Also give me a direct link to the problem.

  20. mark - We who have faith in you folks never doubted a thing. I went to get coffee. So thanks. I actually needed a cup!

    Sorry is nice but for me.. not needed. Caca happens sometimes. ;-)

  21. Mark you guys are great!! That was really fast. Thank you so much. :) Miss T

  22. Yep, all's back to normal. Thanks.

  23. But @Mark - why? Is it normal situation on WordPress, that all post gone ?

  24. Just in case my journal is ever deleted or posts removed without support being able to retrieve them, is there any way to create a back up journal for the future? It would be too much for me to retype. Thanks :) T

  25. No need to worry about that misstransformer.. check out this other forum post for the answer.

  26. @ megaemce

    There is no such place where you can be guaranteed to never have a glitch. WordPress has excellent service and when the occasional glitch does happen, they are always quick and effective. I've got no complaints in more than a year of being here... hundreds of posts and almost 400,000 hits to my blog. WordPress is awesome.

  27. Thank you Fracas! I really do appreciate how helpful and fast everyone responds. I just read the information, and that's excellent news. Whew! :) Miss T

  28. Oh that's ok...I don't mind glitches as long as they can be fixed. Things happen. :) T

  29. @fraces I don't negate greatness of WP, I only want to know why system goes down...

  30. @ megaemce

    Oh.. ok. From your asking if it was normal to go down, I thought you were new and didn't realize how great they are here. From my experience, I would say it is not a normal thing for them to go down. I don't usually ask for the technical reasons why something happens. I'm just glad I don't have to deal with it. ;-)

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