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Current Issue - posts and 404

  1. so do I @fracas, but i also want to know why (;

  2. I regularly post to the blog: (WordPress)
    For the last day or so... the following are re-occurred:
    "I can connect to the the blog and view it readily. However, the "post comment, reply" portion - which ought to appear at the bottom of the blog pages - does not appear. The latest comment on each blog page, is at the [absolute] bottom - and accordingly, there is no provision for sending a comment back to the blog.

    This issue has occured in the past, sporadically, but has "cleared itself-up" fairly promptly."

    Is this due to: Me - the Blogger - WordPress - My PC - Other...????

  3. This thread's subject matter is posts on blog that disappear producing a 404 "not found" message.

    The blog you are pointing to does not appear to be a blog at all.
    Perhaps its a template downloaded from and perhaps the blogger using that free template does not choose to allow comments.

  4. Note that the differences between and are summarized in these posts

  5. Thanks to you both.

  6. You're welcome and best wishes. :)

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