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Current Issue: Working on the servers again?

  1. Are you working on the servers again? I get lots of DNS errors with right now... :)

  2. I was just thinking the same thing...can't access my dashboard.

  3. Me neither. Sometimes I get my blog, but only half of it, like a dog has eaten it on the way through the door.

  4. Ditto. Lost three posts here in the forums. Either it's those Blogger goblins again or Matt and crew are playing WoW. :)

    - Made Sticky -

  5. Considering it's just been revealed that my country's government probably is about to implode over filesharing issues, it's not funny to not having access to my political blog where I've scooped everyone on this... Well, except for the people in main stream media that found out about the whole thing. Just a bit frustrating, that's all. :)

  6. My pair of Swedish clients are concerned as well. I heard about what happened with Pirate Bay.

    Privacy Policy in case you're wondering.

    Good luck,

  7. Apologies for the server problem and the very temporary stopping of signups (around 10 minutes).

    We had some unusual traffic patterns which caused the problem and as soon as this was seen - and we see it very quickly - action was taken to sort it all out.
    It was nothing sinister though. Strange? yes. Something to worry about? No.

  8. And now I can't log in to my blog.

    *drumming my fingers*

  9. How weird a three day old post has been revived and on both occasions I've experienced no difficulties at all. I have a high speed dedicated computer line so I'm wondering are you on dial-up?

  10. Working fine here. B., are you getting any sort of error?

  11. Sorry, it was a problem on my end. Norton didn't let any HTTPS-pages through. I guess I overreacted a tad. :)

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