Current Issue: Wrong Count for Comments

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    Through my Dashboard, I visted the World Cup Tags Page at

    I noticed that the said page showed [No Responses to “World Cup Tags”] even though there was ONE Comment! Check out the screenie at

    And now it is showing One response, wven though there are TWO!!(Screenshot at



    im also having this.

    it’s a bad day for wordpress.



    I’m currently having the same problem with my last three posts. The comment count is always one of. Very annoying!
    They aren’t showing in my “Manage” section also, even though they are really there.



    My money is on it’s not counting your own comments.

    I’ll send in a feedback though for you.


    I didn’t comment at all on some posts and even then it has been behaving erratically like that for a few days. Sometimes adding to the number, at times not showing any.

    I thought it was because I switched themes, but that can’t be it then, can it?

    No real bother of course, but it’d be cool if you could find out Dr Mike.



    ND, please point to a thread with this problem on your blog. I don’t see one right off.



    I’ve been seeing this, too. Sporadic, though. All my counts are correct right now.


    @ drmike: It is possible indeed that it isn’t counting my own comments.

    When I posted this though this afternoon, there also was one comment at a given moment (not mine) that wasn’t showing…

    So it would be only a partial explanation why the count was wrong.



    I sent in a feedback with a pointer to this thread. You may want to as well.



    i had that problem a couple of days ago – i didn’t send feedback as i wanted to see if it would resolved itself, and it did. wait a bit and see if it doesn’t before you send feedback



    I have had that problem since last weekend. My problem was looked at by dr mike (i think?). He said it was the first he’d heard of it.
    It’s still happening. I was told to report it and I did but it’s still happening.
    It’s aggravating me!



    I don’t have any backend access. Probably Podz or Andrew.

    It’s come up in teh past a few times. I’m going to raise this to Current Issue status and send in a feedback again. Maybe we can get Podz or anything staff member to light a fire on it. :)



    Hey thanks for trying and passing it along!



    I just left a comment here and see it as well.


    I’m still having problems with a few of my posts.
    This one here is showing 14 comments on the main page but actually has 15 comments when you click on the post.

    I’m now sure that it are not just my own comments that aren’t counting, since they are in my most recent posts.

    Btw, I already send in feedback twice. Not that I mind the problem that much, but it happened a few times already. So…



    This has been happening on and off for a while .(I think I may have sent a feedback some months ago). Initially I blamed the theme, but it’s happened on multiple themes now.



    I am also having this problem.

    I an using the Neat! theme. Here is the post:

    It should have one comment (and the comment shows, I received email notification, and it is listed in “Recent Comments” in my sidebar), but the comment count is still 0.

    It actually says “No comments yet to “How many scene kids to change a light bulb?”” right above the comment text in the individual post page.

    Glad to hear that at least it’s not the theme.



    I’ll probably try a few other themes and see if it works in them.



    number of wrong counts is still there and for my case it seems to be always one less count than the correct number of comments



    Ah, good to see this thread here. I’ve never had a comment show up in the count. I’ll hold off on sending feedback since I see this is already being worked on.

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