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Current Issue: Wrong Count for Comments

  1. Ooh, I'm all excited!

    I got enough comments to worry about the comment count!

    Is that sad? ;)

    I'll do the feedback thing. :)


    Sorry for there being no content to this post, but Cornell really for me laughing... and excuse me going of topic, stop reading now if you're only interested in this bug.... ...but my girlfriend nearly danced for joy the first time she got a comment on her blog from a total stranger. In my case, she has posted the one and only comment my blog has received in the two weeks I've been blogging, but I'm ok with that as I find my voice... I'm sure soon I'll hit the jackpot and have dozens subscribing to an RSS feed of my blog and reading and commenting daily ;)

  3. Still getting the wrong count for comments... is everyone else having the same problem?


  4. jb510: while i'm not as dramatic as your gf, i too find receiving comments very elating. strangely my heart skips a beat upon reaching the dashboard every time, hoping for a new link or comment.

    it won't be long before you get as thrilled as your gf. =P

  5. I had that bug too =/. But then again it's only actually happened once since I'm a WP newbie and I've only gotten 1 or 2 comments so far.
    But it has happened.

  6. Rinato, maybe if you left a link to your blog.... :)

  7. FYI - my count has been correct for a while - til today.

  8. Broken, broken, broken.

    Second post down ('bargain basement blogging') -- no comment count. A glance at the 'recent comments' widget confirms that there is a comment on that post, and no, it's not by me.

    Something weird is happening with trackbacks too. They're coming up as empty anonymous comments, which I'm certain was not the case before.

  9. Wank, that's a known issue. Lorelle has a work around

  10. Wow, we have to copy and paste our own trackbacks now? Bargain basement blogging indeed ;)

  11. They need to save their funding for all those BBQ runs they do every day. ;)

  12. sulz - Ya!

  13. I am also seeing this issue. has 1 comment, but on the fron page says Comments (0).

  14. My problem is all my comments are being sent to one entry, happens to be my first entry. From the messages, it is clear the commenters are referring to entirely different posts. Am I doing something wrong here?

  15. Kip, this got mentioned in another thread yesterday. Please send in a feedback with specifics as to what the issue is.

    Hope this helps,

  16. Hi, dr. mike.
    My problem is kind of weird. All the comments I get are counted on my very first post, yet if you click on the "no comments" on any of my posts, all the comments from all my posts are there. So far I have 6 posts, and 9 comments. All 9 comments can be found on all 6 posts.

  17. @kip2004
    Other people have experienced the same or similar difficulties. Please send a feedback in to report this.

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