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    Please put the current spam count on the stats page. Currently I need to go to Dashboard to see if there are any posts I need to process. Thanks.

    The blog I need help with is



    It’s on the stats page – scroll down and click the Spam tab in “General”


    I’m not looking for the total spam count, but the current number of unreviewed spams.


    Those show up on your main dashboard page in the “Right Now” section. You can even click the word “spam” and be taken directly to your spam folder so you can review them.



    Just in case an image helps you locate it here’s one >



    I have just gotten in the habit of checking the Spam junk once a day – Akismet does a great job sorting things, I did set the number of comments displayed to 100 so on days the spam goes to 200++ I don’t have many pages to look at – but anymore I really don’t look very hard at the spam.


    Thanks, but if you review my initial post, you’ll see that I’m aware of the location of the current spam count on Dashboard, but that I’m asking to be relieved of the extra clicking.



    Staff monitor these threads but IMHO dialog with Volunteers who have no role to play in the decision-making process is a time waster. Here’s the link for making your request directly to Staff


    Thanks, but isn’t that the express function of this Ideas forum?



    “Express function”? I’m not aware of one. Yes, this is an Ideas Forum and this thread is in the line-up >


    The thing is, no one knows if staff even looks at this forum. They say they do, but they are all very busy and there is little direct evidence (ie them posting in the forum and saying something like they will consider it). It is always a good idea to send it directly so that they can make sure and put it into the requested features database.


    Amazing. Thank you and will do. That, and email notification for these forums…



    You can subscribe to the individual RSS feed found in the sidebar for each thread.

    Subscribe to every thread posted to these support forums – what purpose would that email load serve? Not even we Volunteers answering support questions would want such a burden. Most of us struggle to keep up to date with the email load we have from similar and related blogs we subscribe to in our own niches.

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