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    i’m thinking of making a new blog documenting the process of a project i’m starting on. For documentation purposes, i thought a blog would be great. but i’m new to blogging and just figured out that the time and date can be changed!
    my question is this: is there any way that i can “prove” today IS really today? i know i can maybe link to a world clock website or a news website, but then when my post will be archived (let’s say yesterday’s post) that link would link to TODAY.
    i feel like i’m in Back to the Future and getting more confused and frustrated, but this is important to me.
    what calendar/clock/timestamp/feature/whatever can i do or add to my blog to make it “official” and accurately/permanently timestamped?



    I’m not actually aware of anything that does what you say. The internet is fundamentally protean. Your feed will show what time the post went out, though, so that should work for thumbnail documentation purposes, although I don’t believe it’s legal proof.



    thanks, but i’m not that net-literate. “feed”?? where do i get/see that? is it changeable?



    (1) Your feed is in this form http://nameofyour /feed
    (2) You can change the time setting to match the timezone you live in across your whole blog here -> Options scroll down and adjust then click “Update Options”.
    (3) You can change the timestamp on any post you have made by editing it and looking for the row of blue buttons to the right hand side of the editor’s box – find “Timestamp” and click the button and then and adjust accordingly. Then click “save”.



    thanks! … well, i guess it won’t work for me. so there is no real proof of a day i blog (being that i can change timestamps)?? that’s too bad. i guess a handwritten diary could also not have much legal proof because the person could’ve written it all in one sitting and changed the dates…. if only there was a way to prove “see? i wrote that 5 days ago, look at the proof!”… oh, well… thanks anyways for all the help!

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