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Currently I am only able to have one poll per blog entry. Why might this be so?

  1. A number of posts on my blog have multiple polls included in them but, as of this afternoon, in any given post, only the first one out of a set is visible and available to be voted on. For instance in my most recent post, 9 polls were included, and votes were taken in them from last night until around midday today, but now commenters are saying that only the first is visible, and this also appears to be the case from my end. This is the case in both IE and Firefox at least. It's not poll specific, just always the first poll in any entry that's visible, and none of the others. Any idea why this might be happening?
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  2. Thanks for the report. We're checking into it.

  3. I have added an update to fix this. Thanks for highlighting the bug.

  4. Yay! Thanks @eoigal. I checked out the first post on and the polls look good.

  5. Everything seems fine now - thanks for sorting that out.

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