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Currently unable to edit posts or see toolbar

  1. Unable to edit posts or see toolbar. Have cleared cache and cookies, refreshed browser. Seems to be a bug. When editing post I can highlight unseen text in order to see it but then have to operate blind. Also can't see toolbar. Started happening in last 24hrs
    Blog url:

  2. Seems to be fixed by disabling Adblock for the site

  3. didn't work for me. I think W has a system wide bug.

  4. Disabling Adblock worked for me the first time I tried it. Then the WP guy said (in another thread) it was fixed and to re-enable Adblock. I did. It wasn't fixed. So I had to turn off Adblock again, this time not just for my blog but for everything. Completely disabling Adblock is NOT an acceptable solution. Clearly the problem is with WP.

  5. I'm having the same problem. There are a few threads about this, all beginning 6/12 or 6/13 (which is when I started having problems too.) So it definitely seems to be a WordPress problem.

    I haven't seen an answer from WordPress about what to do about it though. Has anybody??

  6. There are numerous threads that Staff posted into all day and all evening yesterday. Are you using AdBlock?
    Are you using the https:// secure log-in?

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