Cursor disappears in Windows app for WordPress

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    I couldn’t find this in the forum while searching, so apologies if this has already been reported.

    The cursor keeps randomly disappearing from the WYSIWYG editor of the app for Windows. When it goes, it goes completely and tapping/clicking in the writing area doesn’t bring it back. I have to start typing to figure out where it is.

    This happens when I alt-tab (or use a mouse) to switch to another window and then come back to the WordPress window. Not all the time, but sometimes. When the cursor disappears, doing the same thing brings it back.

    Here’s a screenshot of the window:

    As you can see from the title bar, it’s the active window, yet the cursor is nowhere to be seen.

    No such issues with web editor. I am on the latest version of Windows 10 (32 bit). I must note that I use an app called MacType, which makes the font rendering in Windows look more like that on OS X, but it doesn’t work in the app, so I don’t think it’s the culprit. I disabled it for awhile, and the issue persisted.

    Again, my apologies if this has already been reported!



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    Hi @mishrashutosh, so to confirm, you can consistently produce this by switching to a different window (with alt tab or a mouse)?

    And you can bring the focus back by typing or by switching back and forth again? Let me know if I’ve got that right so we can work on duplicating it here.


    I am unable to produce it consistently. Actually, I am unable to produce this at all today. If this happens in the future, I’ll try and find out if there’s any pattern or conflicting app.



    Thanks @mishrashutosh

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