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  1. how do i put in a cursor into my blog like from cursormania?

  2. i dont think you can. If memory serves they use flash and javascript. both of which arent allowed here

  3. Agreed. It's not an option here as it would be a security risk for all the other blogs.

  4. you could change the mouse pointer using CSS but it would work only in IE 6 (and I guess in IE 7 too)

    The CSS code for that is:

    body, html {
       cursor: url(path/to/cursor.cur);

    Of course, you'd need to upload the cursor file AND have the CSS upgrade to be able to do this.

    Again, only people browsing your blog with IE6 would see this 'effect'.

    If you do something like this, keep in mind that some visitors might get annoyed by getting their mouse pointers changed and never come back.

  5. Um, I think that gets removed from the css.

  6. I'm sorry... what gets removed? You mean the definition? if so, it shouldn't since it's valid syntax...

  7. I have to agree, cursor changes are annoying. I use a program for stardock and have a coursor that i love, i get very annoyed with sites that try to change it and never go back.

    If your sites good and has interesting stuff, then you dont need silly gimicks to try and bring people in. Once its established people will come on their own. Or tha' be my belief anyways :)

  8. I was thinking that any cursor declair made in the css editor got removed.

    I agree with cursor changes as being annoying. My browser = my cursor.

  9. Yea... I have the same question. How can you put a cursor on WordPress?

  10. If you read the posts above yours, you will see that here on, it is not possible because it require javascript and flash, both of which are not allowed due to security concerns.

  11. Please read what's written above your post.

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