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    I can’t customize background color for Yoko theme

    The blog I need help with is



    Provided you are logged in under the username account that registered the blog, then you can do that here > Appearance > Background



    Here’s a link to the Yoko theme description and here’s the link to the live demo site


    Thanks for the suggestions. I checked out all the options for the Yoko theme when I picked it. While setting it up (signed in) I was able to select all the other options for the theme and activate them on the blog. However, every time I choose a color for the background and save it, then choose the preview option, it doesn’t respond to my choice. I have tried numerous times. I’m beginning to think that white is my new favorite background color :-) I welcome any other ideas. If there are none, then white it is.



    You are correct. I put Yoko up on my test blog and the background is not changing. This thread is flagged for Themes Staff attention.

    P.S. If you think that the background color will change behind the posts and pages that’s not the way the theme is coded. Only the outside “rim” of the blog is the background.


    Thanks for continuing to help me. I didn’t realize the background color was visible only as a rim. So, I guess I’ll be ok with the white pages of the post, but the rim color would be nice. Really appreciate your effort to get back with me. It’s nice to know concerns don’t disappear into an internet black hole. :-) I’ll wait to see what turns up with the flagged thread. Thanks again. Happy Thanksgiving!



    You’re welcome and Happy Thanksgiving to you.



    Hi there – as timethief said, a site’s “background colour” is applied to the portion of the page outside the main content area.

    If you’d like to more finely control colours of other parts of your site, that can be done through CSS code, with the Custom Design upgrade:

    If you need further help, just let me know.


    Thanks for the reply!



    My pleasure – happy blogging!

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