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    is there a way to put a custom background in the vigilance theme with css?

    The blog I need help with is



    Would you like to search the Vigilance threads and see what you can find? I found this thread >


    hi and thank you that worked. now how can i make it so it doesn’t repeat it itself?


    Change the “repeat” in the declaration into “no-repeat”


    thank you and how can i know the exact size of the backgroud so the image can fit properly?


    There is no “exact” size. It all depends on how wide someone has their browser window set, what the resolution of the monitor is, what zoom level they have their browser set at. There is no fixed size, and trying to use an image that is very big to cover all possibilities means the image will be very large file size wise, and that means you site will be slow loading.

    Generally I recommend never going over 1500px wide and 1000px tall and you have to heavily optimize it so that the file size is maximum about 200k, and it is far better if it is under 150k.

    Also where it says “transparent” in the code it is best to put a background color that compliments, if not closely matches the image so that where the image ends is not as stark as it would be if it was say, white.

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