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    How….custom background with bottom graphic…. Special CSS code? Scroll of Fixed? What is the best width and length for a custom background? Thank You All…..

    The blog I need help with is


    Get yourself the Firebug add on for Firefox, or use the web inspector type of thing built into most current browser versions and look at the markup (XHTML) and CSS for the beach demo site to see how they did it and to see how the XHTML is structured.

    They’ve used an image for the header that repeats in the horizontal direction. Then there is another repeating image that is used in the “main” section and another repeating image used in the footer.

    The thing is, the basic theme’s XHTML structure has to be designed for this in the beginning. Most themes here would not adapt well to this sort of design since they typically have a main parent container that all the page elements are within.


    The Beach theme background uses these images on #main and #colophon respectively:

    You can find the CSS for each one in the following link. Note that both use the background property with repeat-x.


    Thank You Both, designsimply and thesacredpath for your kind, fast replies. As soon as I get my jammies on I will try both solutions. If you don’t hear back from me I gave up on my novice site and used one of your pros’ templates.


    CSS + jammies. :) I like it.

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