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Custom Banner --Header??? Holy Cow!

  1. Why go there this forum works.
    This forum is strictly for wordpresssupport. We are chatting and this is not good. We can chat on the unofficial forum. Anyone can join us there.

    No! NO! girl settle down I was *NOT* suggesting you leave WordPress and I'm certainly *NOT* leaving either - I mean - as if?

    The unofficial forum drmike sponsors free of charge is for chat and information exchange this one is only for wordpress support. In the unofficial forum we can yammer all we want about anything under the sun.
    You will be getting a confirmation email and if you forgot your password or whatever you can straigthen that out - the fix is already in the works.
    Breathe girl *BREATHE* and dare I repeat this? Oh what the heck [she said with a big grin]:D
    "stay calm, be brave and wait for the signs" *lol*

  2. The forum at is seperate from and you have to create a new account. It's something I setup here for cases like that that really fall outside of these support forums.

    I'm still trying to figure out what the issue is though. I see the three flower header image fine. I would change the text though to a different color though since it doesn't show up that well.

  3. "I see the three flower header image fine"
    "change the text though to a different color"

    Kewl! Thanx drmike. When I read Brigirl's comment, 'what image' I thought maybe it disappeared or I had 'special' powers so only I could view it (lol). (Can you tell: I know Squat about tech stuff....) I thought it was a tad hard to read also, but changing color is easier than here comes --white font???

    The 'chat' forum: won't leeme in; I'll wait awhile, to see if it stops hiccuping.

  4. How do I change the font color and face?
    I want to change font (on the top) of Blog name: to white color, serif font
    Change description copy: to white, serif font

    My guess is to do changes I want --in Word (?) then cut/paste into existing space, but before I try that I want to know if I risk shutting anything down/cause a prob, etc. Any info, advice, help? Thanx.

  5. Some of the themes have this option. If you're does, you'll see something like "Custom Theme Option" when you pull up Dashboard -> Presentation. The themes with the Custom Header Images also have the option to change text color as well.

  6. Wow! Thanx for fast reply. LOL, I looked at the page with 'description' and couldn't figure out how to change the color, but knew from your previous comment, there had to be a way...!
    It doesn't offer font choice, so I assume it defaults to only the original one, right?

    -What do you think of it?
    -Is the image a turn-off (--too 'frilly') --would it cause you to leave, without reading a post?

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