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    I am a web designer that is trying to get into blogging. I have a client that wants a custom blog that looks just like the site I am building for them. They found a site that has the tags on the Index page and a matching blog on a different page. Is this something that I can create with Custom CSS feature or are they upgrading to something totally different. I know they are using wordpress but I cannot seem to find out how they are doing it.



    It would have been useful had you provided us a link to the site in question.

    I’ll wager that the site they are looking at is using the software from wordpress.ORG, and not wordpress.COM. The difference is explained in the sticky at the top.

    Could you create such a setup with custom CSS here at wordpress.COM? Maybe. But I wouldn’t count on it. CSS changes the way a site looks, not how it functions. You need access to the HTML files and php files to make those changes and we do not have that here at wordpress.COM.

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