Custom CSS causes custom image header to disappear

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    I just purchased the custom css option. I edited the css to display my tabs (About me, Contact, etc.) on the right side as opposed to the default left side. That’s the only change I made.

    Somehow this has caused my custom image header to be blocked. I tried re-uploading the image twice but haven’t had any luck.

    Can one of you kind people help me out?

    Blog is



    If you have altered stuff at the top, chances are you have to include your header in the css- the header-image-uploader will not work.




    A friend just helped me figure it out.

    To get your custom header to show, all you have to do is delete the background reference under the “header” section of your new css.



    That may have worked for you but doesn’t work for all themes. Generally, what you have to do is include the complete URL of your header image in the CSS.


    You should also reduce the width of the tab menu, because at the moment a horizontal scrollbar shows up in Firefox. I can see that in your CSS it is still set to 90%. Change it to about 30% and it won’t exceed the width of your content column.

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