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    I just upgraded to custom CSS, and it kicked in after a few minutes..but suddenly disappeared. The custom code is still in place, the site is just not pulling the custom templates. The test page works, though. What’s going on?



    If you look at your Upgrades page, what does it say?

    For which blog is this for?

    Have you actually saved the CSS changes?



    The upgrade page shows my CSS expires a year from now. Yes I have saved them. As I said, it kicks in, then drops out again, and the test page works fine.

    Although oddly, my css edit page doesn’t have a “save” button that shows in the help page, but when I hit “preview” it saves it anyway. I’m not sure if this has any bearing.

    edit: It kicked back in again. It’s my blog at my name link.



    Hoefler Text?

    Never heard of that font before. :)

    There’s a couple of different servers that each site resides on. You might have hit own that hadn’t been updated with the new CSS yet that you had saved.



    Heh – there was one template using Hoefler that I really liked, but didn’t want to give up my header graphic, ergo the custom css :)

    I don’t think that server theory works; my custom CSS comes and goes randomly. When it works, everything is fine. When it stops working, it’s as if WordPress thinks I haven’t paid for the upgrade, and thus going directly to the custom css link in my index ( shows the standard “/* Purchase the Custom CSS upgrade to activate this feature */”

    And yet, the Upgrade link always correctly shows I have paid for the upgrade. This is really vexing!



    It sure doesn’t sound like anything volunteers can help with does it? It sounds like you need a backend “fix” and that can only happen through sysadmin so you’d better send in a feedback. Best of luck – it sounds like a real pain in the butt situation.



    Thanks, yeah. I did have a proper support exchange with Podz, I’m hoping he can find a fix. As of THIS moment it seems to be working, but I dare not reload! :)


    Although I’ve successfully paid for the Custom CSS upgrade my account still shows zero credits. Any ideas on how to overcome this? Thnx



    This forum is more for regular users and volunteers. If you need help with something with an upgrade or the feedback system, use the “Feedback” link in the top right of your dashboard.



    BTW swein, I really like what you’ve done with your CSS.



    Thanks Matt. It’s almost more fun to see how far you can push constraints than to have a blank canvas :)



    Please do not get mad at me for posting in the wrong place, but I have to say that WP is easily the most confusing system I’ve ever used. I want to just junk everything and go back to my stupid FrontPage design or Blogger or someplace new, but I hate giving up and I need more flexibility than Blogger (and my own scant knowledge) can provide.

    Here are my basic problems:

    1. I *think* I successfully uploaded my settings to my godaddy hosting account.
    2. I purchased the css upgrade, but can’t figure out how to undo the mess I’ve made with my stylesheet.

    I need help understanding the normal procedure for customizing my site when it’s being hosted elsewhere. Do I need to upload files every time? When I change my css, it appears on my blog, but I haven’t done anything to my hosting files—??? I think I’m completely confused about the difference between hosting here and hosting elsewhere.

    Here are my questions, I guess:

    1. I just want to use a simple theme and tweak it a bit–to do so, I need to host it myself, correct?

    2. How do I undo/erase/rollback my css changes so that I can start fresh when I’ve switched themes?

    3. Here’s a small, but unfuriating example of something that takes way too long to figure out: how do I configure a “links” widget? How do I add links?

    I can’t even figure out what the correct URL for my blog should be!

    it’s either

    or (I was able to activate my PHP and all that at one point, and now I seem to have lost my work…?)

    or ???

    I’ve been working on this for weeks, so please be nice if I’ve posted this in the wrong place or am asking completely stupid questions.




    Sari –
    Your blog is the one where the custom css is used. Your own hosted blog has nothing to do with this one.

    If you just want to use one of the pre-made templates and tweak it a bit, that’s where the custom CSS is applicable (it’s under the Presentation Tab > Edit CSS). There is no rollback function for it, unfortunately (as cool as that would be).

    Links are managed under the “Blogroll” tab. Personally I hate the term “blogroll”, it confuses what should just be called “Links”, but there you are.



    “I need help understanding the normal procedure for customizing my site when it’s being hosted elsewhere.”

    (1) The pink sticky thread at the head of the forum clearly describes the differences between and It is entitled “Please read me first before posting”

    In a nutshell you would be in the wrong place if you were asking for advice on your self hosted blog here. In the case of the self-hosted blog you need to be over here The code used is entirely different at and consequently you will get different answers to the questions you ask about your self hosted blog.

    (2) As for your blog you are in the right place to be asking support questions about it in the support forum.
    “Here’s a small, but unfuriating example of something that takes way too long to figure out: how do I configure a “links” widget? How do I add links?.”

    This is where to add links -> dashboard -> blogroll -> add links, but read this first about configuring widgets

    (3) Regarding your css customization questions for your blog you are in the correct forum for that. And you will simply have to be patient and wait for a volunteer who knows something about customizing cascading style sheets to answer your questions on that. There is no staff support for css customization. While you’re waiting you can also use the forum search box and consult threads that may have some useful information in them.




    okay, i can see i was confused by the custom .css option–i thought i could only use it with a self-hosted blog.

    thank you for clearing up the “blogrolling” terminology for me. that helps a lot!


    i read the sticky post and thank you, but i still think the differences are confusing. i rely on being able to automate things, and i can never figure out where i am supposed to go first when i want to post and/or tweak my blog. i tried setting up blogs in both “formats” (here and at my host) and *still* couldn’t figure out the fastest and most advantageous method.

    for instance, i like blogger because it’s stupid-easy. i can post from anywhere and there are tons of easy push-button integration solutions between blogger and flickr, etc.. if i want to set up a webcam or embed something however, i’m limited to whatever i can squeeze into the “post this” form. i have no PHP knowledge, a bit of html, no javascript and a tiny bit of .css understanding–wordpress (.org or .com, i’m not sure which) might just be over my head. i’m simply not grokking (as the old folks used to say) the difference between the .com mechanism and the .org one.

    i love the idea of changing and playing with all the templates, but i feel like i’m in the wild west when it comes to support. it’s hard to pick one template and stick with it–each one has its own set of allowable widgets and customization choices, so i find myself switching themes back and forth and then ruining all of it with my ham-fisted .css attempts!

    like i said, i searched all over the forums for help with each of these issues and i guess wordpress is really for people with more DIY sensibilities than i can muster right now.

    hopefully someone will come along and help me with my .css issues here. i hope i didn’t throw this thread into disarray here, but i really am trying to simplify my understanding of all things WP and can’t seem to do it all by myself.

    thanks again for your time and expertise–




    I am not adressing anything to do with your self hosted blog here. It runs on a completely different code base and comparing it to a blog is like comparing an onion to an orange.

    Understand this please. You *CANNOT* simply pluck one of the over 800 wordpress blog templates off the shelf ready to go at and trot it over for use at

    Although there are over 800 wordpress templates out there they are coded for self hosted and web hosted blogs at They are *NOT* coded for use on a wordpress multi-user platform like this one that we all share at

    Only the themes shown in presentation-themes admin area in your dashboard have been rewritten to change all the code so they can operate on this multi-user platform. Those themes have also (almost all of them) been widgetized because we cannot us plug-ins on this MU platform.

    css customization of one of those select themes at *ONLY* means changing the appearance. You cannot change the underlying coding at all.

    I think it may be a good idea to
    (1) choose a theme or the Sandbox theme
    (2) make a concise list of the appearance changes you want to make through css customization
    (3) post that list in the css forum and wait for someone to read the list and offer you assistance.

    P.S. I do not have any expertise of any kind. I am not a techie or a geek nor am I likely to become one. I’m here only for the blogging and that is what is designed for. It’s designed for people who want to blog and forget about the geekery. Those who are into tweaking and fiddling are over at



    FWI, I play WordPress from both sides of my brain :)

    I have a WordPress site on my hosted server for high bandwidth business purposes, with my own layout, ludicrously customized templates, javascript and ads.

    However, is perfect for my side interest (a 1920s school architect), which has no need for any of those things.

    I think sarigordon needs to sit back and decide what he wants his site *for*, then choose which approach is best. I think he’s overcomplicating it for himself.



    Please try and keep a discussion on a single topic. It makes it a lot easier for others to help. The discussion here was “custom CSS disappearing”.



    thanks everyone for your help with my questions about custom css. though my work wasn’t disappearing, i didn’t understand the underlying architecture for placing my customized css. now that i see there are *two* ways to store my own css, i can avoid the risk of it disappearing. i hope my confusion helps others when they need to go find their code.

    like i said, i’m new to WP and to CSS and very confused by PHP, but i’m finally learning and plan to stay with WP. i have several hosted web sites for various purposes (blogging, selling products, a site for my writing work, another for one particular interest, etc.) they each require diffferent levels of creativity. my personal blog has been going for several years now and that’s the most important project for me on WP and I’d like to use it to 1) post quickly and easily on the fly and 2) demonstrate and explore the new gadgets and capabilities i find, especially web 2.0 stuff which i think is integral to the entire blogging apparatus.

    i’ll happily follow any signs that direct to me better forums/threads to continue my education here. i’m still planning to ride two horses at once–both the .com and the .org options.

    thanks again and please don’t tell my husband that i’m a man.





    Is there a time lag from when you save the custom css and when it appears? I just wanted to change the link colors and I did that. It looked exactly how I wanted it. I saved it and it said stylesheet was saved but when I bring up my blog, it still has the old colors and in the css edit form, the changes are gone and I have the css intro comments in its place again.

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