Custom CSS does not work with 3G

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    I’m currently experiencing a problem with my custom CSS upgrade on

    The custom CSS is not being applied when I view my blog using my iPhone through 3G. The preview in the CSS Stylesheet Editor displays it correctly, but the blog itself doesn’t.

    However, if I view my blog using my iPhone through *WiFi* everything works fine, so the problem only seems to manifest itself through 3G.

    I have noticed another user had the same problem back in February, and was asked to contact support:

    For information, everything worked  fine until the morning of 1 August.

    I have tried clearing my history, cookies, and cache, but it hasn’t worked.

    Can anyone help?


    The blog I need help with is


    I just brought your site up on my computer and on my iPhone 4 and they look the same. I clicked on posts, pages and stuff in the sidebar and all worked as it should and all looked identical to my computer.



    The difference is quite subtle, you may not have noticed it: if there is a grey bar at the top saying “Contract software test manager & consultant”, the CSS is not being applied.

    Did you definitely access via 3G and not WiFi?


    If you are talking about under the site title, “BiranHeys” I see that “Contract software test manager & consultant” line in Safari, in Firefox, and in Opera on my computer and on my iPhone.

    If you are talking about that line of text you’ve hidden with the “display:none; in #topnav in the CSS, I do not see that on any browser and I do not see it on my iPhone.

    I would suspect a caching issue at your phone service provider possibly where they haven’t upgraded their cache. They use invisible proxy servers to lower bandwidth usage.



    Yes, I mean the #topnav line hidden with display:none.

    Okay, thanks for the advice. I was thinking along the same lines myself, but I was a little thrown by the fact that the preview in the CSS Stylesheet Editor works.

    I’ll keep an eye on it and see what happens.


    You are welcome. I’m not seeing it on Verizon 3G with iPhone 4, so I think all is well. Hopefully it sorts out. Also, keep clearing the Safari cache before checking.

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