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Custom CSS for Sandbox Header

  1. Hi folks. a few people asked me to share some of my sandbox customization tricks for Sandbox so over the next week or so I'll be posting a few tidbits on my blog. The first one is linked below.

    This css removes text, adds a background image, and makes it clickable so users can still easily get back to the main page of your blog.

  2. If you check the css customization forum threads you'll find that sunburntkamel previously supplied the instructions for a clickable image header there.

  3. my fault, i did a search for 'sandbox header' and it didnt come up.

  4. Actually Kristin now that I come to I think about it, I think sun's post may be in a thread on "Unsleepable". The bottom line is sharing information is cool and there can never be too much so, thanks for doing that. :)

  5. yeah, i've been hesitant about linking my own post from the forums. mine is for sandbox as well, although it's a pretty universal trick. kristin's is slightly better for using em's to set the negative text-indent. it means it will work no matter how big a person's monitor/text size is. (not that 9000px is particularly in danger, but you know, bulletproofing).

    and the more help the better. as fun as it was being the only active CSS geek in the forums ( :roll: ), it's great to see more people helping out

  6. @sunburntkamel
    Your remark about not linking to your own "how-to" post in the forum made me smile, just before I broke into a belly laugh. IMO it's absolutely hilarious that those of us who write posts specifically to help fellow bloggers should hesitate to share the links here.
    *rotflmao* - nuff said :D

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